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THREE Royal Design Studio Features in Studios Magazine!!

Studio Magazine Features Several Moroccan Stencils! 

We're still smiling from ear to ear as we read all THREE Royal Design Studio features in the Winter 2014 Issue of Studios Magazine! When our friend, editor Linda Blinn, reached out to us this year, we jumped at the chance to once again be a part of her inspiring publication. Alongside "exploring the creative lives of artists & makers", Studios Magazine shares wonderful organizational tips for artists. If you haven't had the chance to become familiar yet, pick up a copy of Studios Magazine online or at Barnes and Noble and get the deets on some fun studio projects - like our Stenciled Moroccan Canvas Art How-To, for example.

Acanthus Trellis Stencil in Peinture Studios | Royal Design Studio 

And feast your eyes on the open floor-plan of Peinture Studios, a unique store and workshop curated by Deborah Waltz. We LOVE seeing our Ancanthus Trellis Stencil dancing across her vast concrete floors, adding just the right amount of character and detail.


Moroccan Murals at Peacock Pavilions | Royal Design StudioThe Moroccan Stencils painted by Royal Design Studio's group of traveling artists, aka "Peacock Painters" will forever make our hearts flutter, but these photos of past trips to Marrakesh look especially gorgeous on the pages of Studio Magazine. From floor to ceiling, 100% passion goes in to our work, so we couldn't be more pleased to see others enjoying it! Linda Blinn also shares the origin of our annual stenciling adventures with Maryam Montague so beautifully. Interested in going on an life-changing painting retreat? Email us! We have a trip in September 2014 to Venice, Italy and are already taking reservations for trips to Morocco in 2015! 


Many thanks to Studios Magazine, we appreciate all the kind words and can't wait to see what you come up with next! 


Don't forget to take a look at Royal Design Studio's feature from the Fall 2012 issue as well!

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