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Low Budget - High Style Stenciled Outdoor Rug

Kristin proved that having a budget doesn't stop you from having high style - her stenciled outdoor rug brings posh resort style to her outdoor deck. This looks so much better than her original inspiration - a much pricier version at the private sale site.

stenciled rug

Don't let a budget stop you from having fun! Kristin did a fabulous job with our Moroccan Key Stencil

Lots of dash for little cash. I'm inspired!

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  • Do you have scenes of flower gardens, or ones suitable for outside deck?

  • Hi Susan! For stenciling the rug Kristin used Acrylic Craft paint with some Textile Medium added to allow it to absorb into the fibers of the rug more easily. Any artist acrylic or craft acrylic paint will do and you can find those, plus Textile Medium at your local Michael’s Craft store. Yes, we recommend using a short-nap carpet for stenciling a rug! You can see more details on the Moroccan stenciled carpet by clicking the first link in the article above. :)

    Melanie Royals
  • Great rug!! What paint did she use? The rug looks like a tight loop rug. Is that correct?


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