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Kitchen Stenciling Ideas: 2 DIY Stencil Projects to Try

Here are two DIY project ideas for stenciling in the kitchen: stencil embossing on cabinetry and a stenciled kitchen backsplash.

stencil embossing on cabinets

Stencil embossing was an easy upgrade for Janis - she stenciled built-in cabinetry using our Micah Classic Panel & Furniture Stencil. She turned her plain cabinets into an elegant furniture style buffet.


Wow! This looks like expensive carved cabinetry! 

Next up

Jeanette completed an amazing kitchen remodel for under $600 and turned a "goof" into gorgeous! The Springtime in Paris stenciled backsplash is definitely the star of the show!

stenciled backsplash with typography

Both of these projects went from humble beginnings to something special. It's truly amazing what our customers are able to make with a little creativity and some elbow grease! Bravo! 

What ideas can you share for stenciling in your kitchen?

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  • Hi Jeanna – Our stencils are bending and durable so that you can fit them into different size areas. Here are some instructions on how to do that: You can also cut the stencil to fit if you’d like as well!

    Royal Design Studio
  • How do you use this stencil in a smaller space? I want to use it as a backsplash, like the photo, but the area between my cabinets and counter is only 14 vertically. How does this work? -Jeanna

  • Hi Barbara,

    I asked our experts and depending on your door depends on your tactic. But every first step would begin with trying to sand down the door thoroughly to get rid of the loose chips and crackled areas.

    Once that is done, we recommend using Chalk Paint® to paint your door, because you do not need to prime the piece and you will end up with a matte “French country” feel. Upon drying, we recommend applying the stencil with some of our stencil crèmes or again with chalk paint and then wax.

    However, if you preferred a more contemporary look, we suggest you prime the door and then find a paint color in the desired sheen. Don’t forget, all layers need to dry thoroughly before stenciling. For your topcoat, we recommend Annie Sloan’s Lacquer as it is durable enough for floors and would also offer the same durability with your coffee & beverage bar.

    Now, if your door is flat, our Royal Design Studio stencils would be a great choice. However, if the door is paneled, our vinyl Modello stencils would be a better option because they stick where you need them to. You can still maneuver around with the Royal Design stencils, but you just have to work around the panels. Tougher, but doable. Expert tip: If using a Modello stencil, we recommend you prime with Gardz as it helps keep the paint in place when you lift the vinyl.

    Your project sounds fun! Please send us pictures of your finished coffee & beverage bar!

    Katie from Royal Design Studio

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