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Moroccan-Inspired Stenciled Drapes!

 Cool custom stenciled curtains with the Moroccan Key stencil from Royal Design Studio stencils

Stenciling fabric is an incredibly fun and easy project to undertake and opens up a world of possibilities for various surfaces such as pillows, clothing and even curtains & drapes!  The patterns can range from an allover design to single motifs and there are loads of design styles available in the wall and furniture stencil collections of Royal Design Studio.  One of our stenciling friends, Sarah from While They Snooze, was recently inspired by one of the patterns in our Allover Moroccan Stencils Collection. Wanna take a closer look at her project? Let's go!

Curtain Panels Ready for Stenciling | Royal Design Studio

Here are her "yawn" fabric curtain panels from IKEA. [She said it, not us! :) ] Sarah lived with them for a few months because they offered her a bit of privacy and color. However, as soon as she spied the Large Moroccan Key Stencil, it was all over for her plain-Jane curtains. "I knew I could make them cooler for very little money with paint", she shares. And how!

Stenciling on Fabric with a Moroccan-Inspired Design | Royal Design Studio

Stenciling a Fabric Curtain Panel How-to | Project by While They Snooze | Royal Design Studio Stencils

Sarah laid the fabric panels along the floor over paper (you can use tarp or plastic, too) and taped the curtains down so that they remained still while stenciling with paint and fabric medium. She also taped off a horizontal line about 1/3 of the way up her panels to create a great stopping point for the Moroccan Key Stencil pattern. We love that creative touch! The project was so easy peasy, she even had her kids helping with it! Once she was done, she let the fabric dry and hung up her curtains.

Stenciled Curtain Panels with Royal Design Studio Stencils | Project by While They Snooze

Stenciling Fabric Curtains | Royal Design Studio

Voila! Stunning, right?  We want to create our own as well! Sarah shared her complete Stenciled Curtains Tutorial on her blog so that you can have a successful stenciled project, too! Be sure to also check out Fabric Stenciling Basics to have our best tips with you for your project. For stenciling on fabric, we highly recommend the Royal Stencil Cremes as they are a fantastic medium and have such yummy, shimmery colors, too! What does Sarah think of her stenciled project? "I really like the extra layer of texture and pattern it adds to our beige box living room. I might even add an accent stripe in citrus yellow or maybe coral where the stencil stops!" We love the way Sarah thinks -- so creative, that one! Happy Stenciling, Everyone!

Here are some additional fabric stenciling ideas to consider for YOUR next stencil project!

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