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Name This Floral Stencil to WIN It

Post Update: This contest in now closed. 
The winning stencil name was Floral Fireworks Allover Wall Stencil suggested by Sylvia Smith.
Check back on our Stencil Contests page often for your chance to win!

It's that time again... to NAME this stencil and WIN it!

Floral pattern gets a refresh with a modern twist! You can stencil an accent wall or floor with this large graphic pattern. Use bold paint colors to mimic the trends we are seeing in today's colorful interiors. You can also tone it down by using different hues of the same color family. Either way, this flower stencil will grow on you! ;)

Comment below with your favorite name for this new stencil before midnight Sunday, September 5, 2016. If we choose your stencil name you WIN it! Good luck!!!

Note: Due to spam, our comments are moderated. It may take awhile for you comment to show up below....
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  • Snowfall

    rosemarie martin
  • Grandmother’s Doiley

  • Grandma’s Garden

    Laura O Grogro

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