Hardcore Stenciling with Young House Love

True DIY experts Sherry & John are stenciling their office over at Young House Love. They shared the details step by step, including the advantages of using a larger size - they are using our Large Feathered Damask Stencil - and can also attest to the durability of our stencils, "let me tell you, this stencil is hardcore. First of all, it’s made of super durable plastic, so I don’t have to worry that it will rip or crease while I’m taping it, untaping it, and manhandling it to get into the corner crevices."

feathered damask wall stencil

stenciled wall

So far, it looks great!  Can't wait to see the finished room! - UPDATE - Here's a shot below:

Wall stenciling project home office

Sherry has proven her stenciling expertise!

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