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White Haute Pattern Trends to Warm Up Your Winter


You know that old saying, sometimes less is more? Today we are sharing a toned-down interior design trend that beautifully illustrates that point: simple and elegant white-on-white decorating. But just because this trend calls for a calm, serene color palette that doesn't mean that you can't incorporate stenciled pattern. In fact, using a white-on-white color palette with stencils can actually help warm up an all-white room with the addition of a soft textural and visually tactile wall treatment. Read on to see how we've imagined some of our favorite stencils from Royal Design Studio as perfect possible pairings with pretty white interiors. 


White on white decorating with the Bombay Paisley stencil from Royal Design Studio


What might be a perfect pattern for the wall of this cozy reading area? We see the Bombay Paisley Damask Stencil stenciled in a serene grayish white that echoes the soft undertones of the bleached wood floor. Can't you just see yourself lounging beside this detailed pattern as it dances across the walls of your comfy living room or bedroom? 


White on white decorating with the Spanish Lace stencil from Royal Design Studio


As interior design is widely influenced by the fashion industry, we embrace pattern trends with open arms! The recent lace craze also goes hand-in-hand with the idea of white becoming the new black – a lighter, more refreshing version, of course. Our Spanish Lace Stencil is so dainty and feminine in off white on a slightly darker background, it would be perfect for a girl's bedroom, powder room, or even vintage-inspired closet.


White on white decorating with the Circling Allover stencil from Royal Design Studio  

Here is a white-on-white space that doesn't take itself to seriously. All white decorating takes on a sense of whimsy here with a quirky piece of art!  We think a perfect addition might be our Circling Allover Stencil stenciled with a plaster embossing technique to create a subtle raised effect where the pattern is mainly just visible because of the slight shadow created by the raised stenciling. It's a super subtle effect that can add SO much without overwhelming!


White on white decorating with the Starry Night Moroccan stencil from Royal Design Studio


Royal Design Studio's entire Moroccan Stencil Collection also lends itself to tone-on-tone finishes. We especially love the Starry Moroccan Night Stencil in this case as it creates a refined sophistication and a gorgeous lacy detail with clean lines. Using closely related colors like this softens the architectural look of geometric stencils, while retaining a more sleek, contemporary feel. Of course an enormous "statement" light fixture would cast the perfect light on the stenciled walls .


White on white decorating with the Palace Trellis stencil from Royal Design Studio


Can you imagine being able to hang an impressive architectural carving like this above your bed? If, like most of us, you don't have pieces like this at your fingertips (or within your budget), don't despair!! You can used an architectural trellis stencil like our Palace Trellis Moroccan Stencil to create a similar effect. Use a dry-brush stencil shading technique to concentrate darker color at the top left or right edges of the open areas of the pattern to create a faux "carved" look directly on the wall over even on piece of hung plywood that has been trimmed out with decorative molding.


Are you inspired to try some white-on-white stencil looks?? Besides walls, consider stenciling some white on white drapes or furniture pieces. Another easy and elegant effect is to simply stencil Pearl Oyster Stencil Creme on a white background. We'd love to see YOUR white-on-white stencil projects and are always happy to receive you pics at, so stencil, snap, and send away! 

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  • That headboard is absolutely fabulous! I would love to have one over my bed! I dream of having a white on white bedroom someday, then just imagine the sweet dreams I would have!

    Kelley P

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