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Add Fresh Style to a Room with a Stenciled Feature Wall

Pretty Damask stenciled feature wall in Fresh Style Magazine. Fabric Damask stencil from Royal Design Studio


Featured in the January-February, 2014 issue of the “Fresh Style” magazine, this pretty stenciled feature wall project illustrates how a simple Fabric Damask stencil can transform any boring and drab space into a gorgeous, artistic one of a kind dining room. Fresh Style shows how a wall stencil from Royal Design Studio gives this small dining room the look and feel of a tastefully decorated, spacious art gallery.


Dramatic Stenciled Feature Wall

For your feature wall, start with choosing one of the biggest walls in the room that preferably has no doors or windows. This will allow the stencil pattern to flow uninterruptedly. Then, select one of the bolder shades for the base paint from your favorite color palette for this wall, like the maxi teal by Sherwin Williams used for this project. Pick a favorite stencil from Royal Design Studio’s stencil collection, along with a lighter, more neutral choice of paint for the stencil to stand out when layered upon the bold base paint. Smoky grey was used for the Fabric Damask stencil in this project which gives the room a slightly more royal look. We highly recommend our metallic Royal Stencil Creme paints for any stencil project for their ease of use and awesome coverage!


Pretty Damask stenciled feature wall in Fresh Style Magazine. Fabric Damask stencil from Royal Design Studio


The stencil artist for this project not to stencil the pattern completely to the edges. Rather, the pattern fades off as it reaches the wall, adding a creative and unique touch that you can't get with wallpaper.


You can finish decorating by adding some accent tables around the room, a couple of contrast paintings from local artisans or maybe a few black n white family portraits with rustic frames around them. Even some cool artifacts bought from the nearest Pier 1 would turn on the magic for your space. Voilà! You are all done. What an easy way to decorate your room.


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