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How To Makeover Your Bathroom with Wall Stencils

Serena of Thrift Diving has had her fair share of fun furniture stencil projects (check out Paint & Stencil a Pretty Dresser in 10 Easy Steps), but has yet to stencil a wall… Well, now’s the time! It was a no brainer that the first room she wanted to stencil was her guest bathroom. She says, “My husband asked for years for me to focus my attention on this bathroom since it’s the guaranteed place that visitors will always see in our house.”  

This neglected room desperately needs a magic makeover! After browsing through our Wall Stencils, she took a double take when she saw our Mansion House Grille Trellis Wall Stencil. She says, “Mansion House Grille Trellis Wall Stencil grabbed my attention immediately. There was something sooooo pretty about the metalwork-inspired design. And since it’s so new, I knew it wouldn’t be some cookie-cutter design that you see smeared all over Pinterest.” Walls stencils are so great because you can really get creative and make the space all your own. There are so many trendy patterns to choose from, like our Mansion House Grille Trellis Wall Stencil, and so many paint colors to play with! Serena knew this space would be the perfect place to experiment with bolder decorating. Let’s see how our wall stencil transformed her guest bathroom into a modern space bursting with color and pattern…

Step 1: Clean the walls and paint your base coat. Serena used Weathered White Behr paint.

Step 2: If you would like to include a chair rail, use a level to measure and mark where you want it to be.

Step 3: Secure your wall stencil on the top center of a wall with painter’s tape.

Step 4: Use our Large 3” Stencil Brush or Stencil Foam Roller for faster stenciling. (Serena used Grant Gray Behr paint in Grand Gray)  As with any stencil project, make sure to use the offloading method. Here’s the need-to-know: Load your brush or roller with paint. Then offload most of it back onto a paper towel using a hard circular motion. The brush should barely have any paint on it and the paint should be evenly distributed on the bristles. Use the offloading method so that the paint does not bleed under the stencil! You should also clean the stencil frequently so that there is no heavy buildup of paint. Pro Tip:  Motsenbackers Lift Off 5 makes cleaning stencils easy!

Step 5: Add your trim and molding, and paint the vanity.

How To Makeover Your Bathroom with Modern Trellis Wall Stencils from Royal Design Studio

Ta da!! Serena is so happy with her new bathroom makeover – just look at that smile! This room has it all: a total transformation, DIY bragging rights, and an affordable price tag! She’s already planning on showing off her new stenciled bathroom. She says, “I imagine now when people come over, I’ll be eagerly asking, ‘Hey, do you have to go to the bathroom?? Right this way!!’ instead of dreading them seeing this room.” How To Makeover Your Bathroom with Modern Trellis Wall Stencils from Royal Design Studio

And that’s it! It’s really that simple to change the entire look of a space without spending a lot of money! For a more visual tutorial, watch her amazing video detailing these steps to a beautiful bathroom makeover: 

If you have some room makeover projects of your own using our Wall Stencils, we’d love to see them! Email us at or post to our Facebook Page. We want to share your beautiful stencil projects with our readers! 

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