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Top 5 Stencil Tutorials of 2016!

Top 5 How to Stencil Tutorials and DIY Projects of the Year using Wall Stencils, Furniture Stencils, Tile Stencils, and Floor Stencils (with video!) - Royal Design Studio

It’s time to set goals for 2017! This year, instead of chasing unrealistic resolutions, we suggest that you try your hand at a creative DIY projects using stencils. Not only can you give your room a revamp, the best part is that you will feel a sense of accomplishment and have something new in your home that you can enjoy all year long. To help you get started with inspiration and need-to-know instructions, we’ve compiled our Top 5 Stencil Tutorials of 2016…


  1. How to Stencil a Feature Wall in Only an Hour

Our #1 stencil tutorial on Royal Design Studio is how to quickly and easily stencil a feature wall! The mighty combination of our amazing Royal Stencil Crème paints and 3” Super Large Stencil Brush make this a super-fast project. Stencil this wallpaper look in minutes… enjoy it for years! With over 700,000 views on YouTube, we are not surprised it is our top stencil project of the year!


  1. How to Stencil a Vintage Tile Tabletop with Chalk Paint® & Craqeuleur

This vintage-inspired blue tile table is definitely one of our favorite projects! We took an old coffee table and transformed it into a show-stopping vintage piece that features faux aged blue glazed Tile Stencils enhanced by a Craqueleur finish. You have to see to believe – watch the video tutorial above!


  1. Stencil Tutorial: Encaustic Tile Wall Decor

The pretty patterned look of Encaustic cement tiles is trending all over design blogs and Pinterest this year!  You can use our Spanish Tile Stencil Set along with our Tile Wall Art Wood Shapes™ so that your stenciled tile designs can be removed and rearranged with ease. See how you can get that handmade, Old World look for a less with our instructional video!


  1. How to Stencil a Concrete Floor in 10 Easy Steps


Stenciling concrete is an inexpensive way to add style to an otherwise utilitarian floor. A stenciled concrete floor can also help you hide imperfections, create a lovely focal point in your home, or just add a dose of beauty to your space for very little cost. And not to worry: Stenciling on concrete is actually quite easy! This popular DIY project using our Anatolia Tile Stencil is done in 10 easy steps… Just click play to watch above!


  1. Stenciling Stair Risers the Easy Way with Paint, Peel, and Stick Canvas™

The hottest trend to hit home decor is stenciled stairs, except we can do one better... Our Paint, Peel & Stick Canvas™ is the perfect way to make painting pattern and stenciled style on stair risers easy, affordable, and removable! In this DIY decor project, we alternate our Moroccan Tile Stencils on the canvas to create a faux tile look - a trendy look we've been seeing everywhere from Pinterest, Instagram, and on our travels in 2016.


And there you have it! We hope these Top 5 DIY Stencil Projects inspire you to create pretty patterned décor for your home this next year.  Remember, the best thing about stenciling is its versatility! Change up the colors, patterns, and surfaces to match your style and space! So, get ready for the New Year, choose your favorite DIY, and start planning out your stenciling projects for 2017!


We love to share your beautiful stencil projects with our readers! Email us at, share them on our Facebook Page, or Instagram your Royal Design Studio stencil projects and tag us with #royaldesignstudio – maybe yours will be a 2017 customer favorite!

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  • I really loved this art and wall designing I will share mine when I will finish it it’s a request if I can get these types of tools u all use for stencilling thank u.

    Sabeen Rizwan
  • i love this


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