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Paint Inspiration! Our Top 5 Stencil Tutorials of 2017

Home Decorating & Paint Inspiration! Our Top 5 DIY Stencil Tutorials of the Year using Royal Design Studio Wall Pattern Stencils, Floor Tile Stencils, and more

With a fresh calendar on the wall yet to be filled with to-dos, the start of a new year is naturally an optimistic time. If you’re in the mood for making a few resolutions, why not consider what you can do to help enhance your home for a great kickoff for the year? Royal Design Studio Stencils are a great way to change up your walls, furniture, and floors for a refreshed new year. To help you get started with your home redecorating resolutions, we’ve compiled our Top 5 Stencil Tutorials of 2017. These DIY project ideas are some of our most popular decorating tutorials from the last year. We hope they will help you tap into your personal style and give you the inspiration to get started — along with concrete steps you can take to get your project finished with style.

  1. The Secret is Out! How to Stencil a Tile Floor in 10 Steps

In order to avoid the hassle of ripping out the existing floor and the high cost of real tiles, you CAN achieve a similar look by painting your tile floors that only LOOK expensive. Get in with the inside scoop and check out how YOU can create paint directly over your tile floor to make it look pretty and patterned. Watch the video above to learn how to stencil your tile floor in 10 easy steps using Tile Stencils.

  1. How to Use Registration Marks to Repeat Stencil Designs

Are you wanting to try to create a gorgeous wallpaper look using wall stencils this year? But still feeling a little intimidated and have questions on whether you are up to the task? We’ve got the answer for you… and the secret is right on your stencil! All Royal Design Studio stencils are repeatable patterns that include built-in registration marks to help you line up and repeat your design perfectly. These simple instructions help you create perfect patterns every time!

  1. DIY Tutorial: How to Stencil a Metallic Foil Wall Finish

You don’t have to choose between laid-back style and luxurious glamour — simply blend the two to create your own boho-glam room makeover! The secret sauce to an appetizing, gypsy-inspired interior is layering metallic paints and stenciled pattern. In this DIY tutorial, we show you how to use gold, metallic jewel tones, and Global Gypsy Stencils and metallic foils to create a moody luxe-look on a boho glam accent wall.

  1. How to Stencil a Beautifully Embossed Wall with Joint Compound Plaster

This DIY decorating tutorial is easy as cake… or frosting a cake that is! If you can smear frosting on the top of a cake, you can trowel plaster onto a wall to create a raised design. The easiest way to do this technique for both beginners and professions is to use premixed joint compound plaster and Royal Design Studio Wall Stencils. Learn how to emboss wall designs from our Global Gypsy Stencil Collection, and raise your home decorating to the next level!

  1. Solution to Vinyl Flooring: How to Paint with Floor Stencils

It seems like a LOT of homes are still struggling with old, ugly vinyl floors, but don’t worry if you have one too! There’s an easy and affordable solution: Paint and stencil vinyl flooring for a fresh update on a serious budget. Floor Stencils from Royal Design Studio can make it look like you ripped out that outdated vinyl and put in new, expensive flooring. Only your full wallet and happy smile say otherwise ;) Watch the video above to learn how you can transform your vinyl floor in 10 easy steps using floor stencils.


And there you have it! We hope these Top 5 DIY Stencil Projects inspire you to create pretty patterned decor for your home this next year.  Remember, the best thing about stenciling is its versatility! Change up the colors, patterns, and surfaces to match your style and space! So, get ready for the New Year, choose your favorite DIY, and start planning out your stenciling projects for 2018!

We love to share your beautiful stencil projects with our readers! Email us at, share them on our Facebook Page, or Instagram your Royal Design Studio stencil projects and tag us with #royaldesignstudio – maybe yours will be a 2017 customer favorite!

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  • I want to do this design for my counter tops in my kitchen

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