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Metallics & Gilding

metallic finishes and gilding supplies

Metallic finishes and gilding can add glamour, shine, richness, and patina to your decorative painting projects. Use sheets of classic metal gold leaf to accent furniture painting. Sparkly Tamise metal leaf flakes offer a sparkly accent to patterns and surfaces. Incorporate Mica Powders into paint, wax, glazes and more for additional shimmer and luminosity. Metallic Foils can be used like metal leaf, but present a wide choice of metallic color options, including bright colors and holographic finishes. Metallic Paints from Modern Masters offer a wide range of colors and uses including painting, stenciling, and glazing. Finally Modern Masters Metal Effects products allow you to instantly add the appearance of age and patina with verdigris copper and bronze, or rusted iron finishes.

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