Stencil Paint Antique Gold Stencil Creme
Perfect Stenciling! Stencil Creme paint from Royal Design Studio stencils. Antique Gold Color.
Antique Gold Stencil Creme

Antique Gold Stencil Creme

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Stencil Paint Antique Gold Stencil Creme 2oz. Approximate coverage: 10' x 10' stenciled area using dry brush stencil method

Stencil Creme paints will look slightly different on different colored backgrounds and in different lighting situations. 

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Customer Reviews

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Terrible exchange policy! I ordered one copper and one gold in different sizes and they got reversed. All I wanted to do was send them back for an exchange of the unopened jars for the correct sizes and they refused. Now I have way too much of the copper and not enough of the gold! They said I could just order another large jar of the gold. This paint is not inexpensive and I would have so much of the copper left over to simply be thrown away! I will not be ordering from this company again

Monica C
Excellent versatile metallic gold creme

All their cremes are excellent- easy to handle and don't bleed making a wall at stencil project so much easier. I always get the 2oz and can get a few walls done with one container. I also have used the creme for painting over some older frames that were other colors and decorating wall hanging a to fit my color scheme. All below are the antique gold. Highly recommend. So handy to have around!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and projects with our Royal Stencil Creme metallic paints! We think they are quite amazing-and yes are great for painting as well as stencililng! We appreciate your review :)

Mayo Briceno



This was a perfect color for my project.I bought this color with 3” brush. I used this in our dining area with the Damask stencil and it looks beautiful.

Patricia McPheeters
Handles easily

I’m a novice at stenciling, and I achieved crisp lines with highly detailed, tiny opening stencils using this paint and a one inch edging brush.
After the gold paint dried, it gleamed brightly even in the dark of evening. Since this was not the effect I was after, I took a damp cloth and scrubbed the stenciled image until I got the desired soft effect. Clean up is a snap. I will purchase from this company again.

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