Motsenbockers Latex Paint Remover
Motsenbockers Latex Paint Remover
Easy stencil cleanup with latex paint remover

Motsenbockers Latex Paint Remover

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Clean your stencils with this easy to use latex paint remover. Simply spray stencils and allow to sit for a few minutes. Then clean with a stiff bristled scrub brush on a flat surface. For heavy paint buildup, spray liberally and allow the stencil to sit while covered with plastic. Stencil cleanup will be a breeze!

Motsenbocker's Lift Off 5 effectively removes latex based paint from almost any surface. Water-based, environmentally friendly, biodegradable stain remover comes in a 22oz spray bottle.

P-Latex Paint Remover


Customer Reviews

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Deborah Minckler

This was so sturdy, and looks so good on my walls

Julie M Brox
Highly recommended!

Makes cleaning of all my painting needs easy and fast!!!


Here's an alternative that works well. Lightly spray the stencil with silicone waterproofing, available with camping supplies. Let it dry, then use the stencil. The dried paint then peels right off the stencil easily with just a putty knife.

Hello Stan! Thank you so much for the tip. It is great to have many different alternatives to clean off paint. -Royal Design Studio

Mr. Charles Anthony
Stencil Cleaner

Readers & Stencil Fanatics This writer is on a stencil project in my 1860 "I" House and clean stencils are a MUST[I cannot get but one stencil done w/o cleaning for the next, but I am fussy,and hate to 'touch up' errors.] So, I bought this Product. It works, BUT you still need to scrub the stencil, which can & does damage an intricate pattern. The fumes will get 'up your nose, so beware of the fumes. I would like it far better if it was 'spray, recite the Gettysburg Address, and rinse and done'. But cleaning a stencil w/o it is worse trouble. Till some bright spark makes it improved, use this and save some effort For the Record Books, I stenciled the ceiling trim work on a 12x16 ft. room, and the stencil was damaged by the end of the project.. I used this Stuff and a potatoe brush on the stencil. The brush 'dinged up' some of the tracery. The Clean did not affect the plastic, which was a concern for me. They make these things from at least 4 types of plastic materials. I am old enow to remember using the wrong glue on a model airplane kit parts! So, buy some, and see for yourself.

Hi Charles! The Motsenbockers Lift Off definitely comes in handy during projects to make the clean up easier. You can also try soaking the stencil in warm water to prevent the rigorous brushing. Once the paint has been soaked cleaning it with a couple sprays of the Motsenbockers should be a breeze. Thank you so much for your tips and thoughts. :) -Royal Design Studio

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