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Havana Tile Allover Stencil

Havana Tile Allover Stencil

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The Havana Tile Allover Wall Stencil is sized perfectly for painting a large feature wall or kitchen backsplash with the classic European and Spanish tiles look. This large stencil includes multiple tile repeats making it fast and easy to complete a wall or floor. Each tile design in this allover stencil measures 9.5 inches. Use the smaller Havana Tile Stencil to paint your individual bathroom floor tiles.

Stencil Pattern Size: 21"w x 30.5"h 
Stencil Sheet Size: 23"w x 32.5"h
Single Layer Design
SKU#: 6365

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Susan Tuthill
Entryway and Staircase Wall

I used this stencil to create a subtle accent wall in my entryway and staircase wall. I was going for a modern farmhouse look so I used a taupe color on top of a white background. Loved the results so much I repeated in in my powder bathroom above our vanity.

Elisabethe Phipps

I decided that plain canvas floors in our big tent we use for historic re-creation was too, well, plain. I acquired some heavy canvas, about 5' X 10' and decided that painting them would be the most cost effective way to get what I wanted. As fortune would have it, this particular 'all over' stencil is PERFECT for the size cloth I was painting. The only improvement I could think of for any of these stencils would be some sort of colouring book format, so we can try out colour combinations with pencils or crayons, before committing to actual paint.

Motsenbocker's is the perfect cleaner for the stencils. For anyone using a temporary spray adhesive, Goo Gone removes that.

I would attach a photo of my completed floor cloth, but I cannot do that here in review.

Carina Reimers
Quick and easy

I bought this stencil to paint the doors of an armoire. Because of the size of the stencil I was done within no time. Rinsed the stencil with warm water and soap to make sure no paint gets stuck in any of the details. Stencil shows no wear and tear at all. Will use it many more times.

Hi Carina! Glad to here you love using Royal Stencils as much as we do ;) Stenciling with our durable and reusable stencils make decorating super easy - without the need of a professional. Love that you're coordinating multiple areas with the same stencil pattern!

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