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Moroccan Arches Allover Wall Stencil
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Stencils Pattern Moroccan Arches
Moroccan Arches Allover Wall Stencils for DIY Exotic Wall Decor - Royal Design Studio

Moroccan Arches Allover Wall Stencil

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This is one of our most popular Moroccan wall stencils. The Moroccan Arches Allover Wall Stencil is based on a classic Moroccan Zelij tile design. All of our allover and damask stencil patterns feature an easy stencil registration system, allowing you to repeat these stencils across your wall perfectly every time. This stencil includes a FREE ceiling filler stencil element to finish the pattern easily at your ceiling line. This exotic pattern can also be used as floor stencils, such as the bathroom floor one of our talented customers painted! Also available in a smaller furniture size: Moroccan Arches Furniture Stencil.

Stencil Pattern Size: 30.25"w x 17.75"h
Stencil Sheet Size: 32.25"w x 19.75"h
Single Layer Design
SKU#: 3016L

Customer Reviews

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Tourya Bindahan

Thank you

Harder than it looks....but beautiful

As an avid tee shirt stenciler, I think my assumption was this would be a piece of wrong I was. When working on a larger scale, you need a lot more patience and absolutely the right color medium. If your color is too runny or you are heavy handed, you will spend as much time 'correcting' your mistakes as stenciling! Next time, I will go with the stencil paints which I hope will alleviate some of this! I do wish the stencil was also offered in the reverse pattern blocked out- I loved the idea of a gold pattern outline on white for example, but with the stencil the way it is- you would first have to paint the entire background gold and then fill in the pattern with white. That seems like a crazy amount of paint and stencil time!

Thank you for your review! Sorry to hear it was more difficult that expected. We find a more thicker consistency paint (Annie Sloan/ Stencil Cremes) work great. We also have many how to tutorials and hope those will help for any future projects :)

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