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Painted Illusions

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Transform an ordinary surface into a work of art with stencils! Add incredible beauty and elegance to your home with Painted Illusions using stencils from Royal Design Studio. Stencil master Melanie Royals provides the step-by-step stencil instruction and inspiration you need to create remarkable painted effects to enhance walls, floors, furniture, and more. This is a fabulous book for DIY stencil artists and professional decorative painters alike.


Customer Reviews

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Why I gave 5 stars to this book.

The book is written with the precise aim of enabling people to stencil successfully.

It very clearly explains how to use the correct tools for different surfaces and how and when to learn to apply more or less pressure ; in my view this is the main hurdle for us, out here, who maybe tried stencilling, did not have good results and abandoned.

I live in a mobile home, and did very funny, good looking and precise stencil work done around the house. I say this because from time to time one has the impression that you need to live in a super mansion to use stencils around your home. It is just a matter of choosing the right shape and colours of the stencils you intend to use.

Wow Maria, thank you for the wonderful review! We could not agree more, this wonderful book give so many techniques to fit any space!!!

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