Set of 7 Stencil Brushes
Set of 7 Stencil Brushes
Set of 7 Stencil Brushes
Set of 7 Stencil Brushes

Set of 7 Stencil Brushes

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Our best stencil brush value! A complete Set of 7 Stencil Brushes, including our new larger 1 1/2" and 2" allover stenciling brushes. Our signature stencil brushes are made to our exact specifications and feature long, densely-packed, natural bristles for ease of use and beautiful results.



Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Valentina Polwort
Love these stencils

Best stencils on the market, my husband has tried several and loves the royal stencils the best 💕

That's so great to hear! We're happy you enjoy using our stencils and stencil brushes :)


They seem sturdy and long-lasting if cared for properly.

Great stencil brushes!

5 STARS. I stenciled several large walls made from slightly rough plywood in an antique booth I’m putting in. The brushes held up beautifully. When I was done I put them in a ziplock until I could get home to clean them with soap and water. They were strong, remained stiff not squishy, and alll the paint came out. I would definitely recommend these over any cheapie craft store disposable brushes. I’m sold. LOVE the stencil I used too!

Kimberley C
Feels Right; Stencils Right

These brushes feel great in my hands, very comfortable. And I do my best work when my tools fit great in my hands.

These brushes are far superior to those sold in craft stores.

Glad I made this investment!

Thank you for letting us know that our stencil brushes live up to their standards Kimberley! We really appreciate your review. :)

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