Woven Star Moroccan Wall Stencil
Painting Large Geometric Texture Designs on Dining Room Accent Wall - Woven Star Moroccan Wall Stencils
Bohemian Home Decor and Geometric Wallpaper Wall Painting - Woven Star Moroccan Wall Stencils
Geometric Wallpaper DIY Project using Texture Designs - Woven Star Moroccan Wall Stencils

Woven Star Moroccan Wall Stencil

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Our Woven Star Moroccan Wall Stencil, like many Moroccan designs, features a geometric pattern that is overlapped and interlaced. This texture effect is perfect for decorating bohemian style interiors. This wall stencil includes a free ceiling filler stencil to allow you to finish off your wall stenciling perfectly at the ceiling line.
Stencil Pattern Size: 21"w x 21"h
Stencil Sheet Size: 23"w x 23"h
Single Layer Design
SKU#: 6287

Customer Reviews

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stunning corridor

I used this stencil to accentuate a corridor wall that is visible from the living room through an arch. I painted the background a sage green and the stenciling was done with a smoky oyster mixed with with pearl plaster. The result is that the design has two presentations. During the day the basket weave is an understated tan color and the overall appearance is a sage green wall with a design on it. In the evening when the light from the living room reflects off of the pearlescent basket weave it has an intricate texture and lovely glow.
Another great design from this series!

Oh those colors sounds amazing together! Love using metallics because it looks differently throughout the day when the light hits it at different angles. Your stenciled wall sounds so dreamy! You can email any pics you want to share to projects@royaldesignstudio.com :)

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