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Bedroom Wall Stencils: Way Better Than Wallpaper

What is better than wallpaper? Wall Stencils! Painting your bedroom walls with Royal Design Studio Stencils is so much better than using wallpaper because painting stencils are much more affordable and safer for your walls. You only need to use 1 durable and reusable stencil for any size wall, whereas with wallpaper, you would need to buy a ton of expensive panels that aren’t reusable.  Wall Stencils are also safe for walls since it is just paint. Wallpaper can damage walls, which is a big yikes! Instead, paint and stencil your bedroom walls knowing that you can simply paint over the wall design if you want to change it up or move out. See? Soooo much better! Here’s some bedroom wall ideas to get you inspired to stencil your own…

“I wanted our guest room to pop. I've always wanted a space that reminds me of Hotel Monaco in Chicago. Instead of putting wallpaper up on one wall I decided to make my own with the Isle of Palms Damask Wall Stencil. We couldn't be happier with the results. I've already started my next stencil project. :)” – Lindsay Schaaf

“I recently completed a stencil project with the Shibori Japanese Wall Stencil. It turned out great!” - Frida Arroyo 

A bedroom feature wall is the best way to bring together the entire room and its decor. An easy and affordable option is to paint it with wall stencils. @heatherdibbleinteriors painted her bedroom wall with the French Floral Damask Stencil. So much better than wallpaper!

“I am a professional decorative painter and I been using Royal Design Studio Stencils since the beginning on my career. Here on this job I was asked to create a finish based on a wallpaper. I made this a 2 step project and created one of my most popular finishes. I first did a faded grass cloth with a faux product and then a metallic pewter on the beautiful Majestic Medina Damask Wall Stencil. Thank you Royal Design Studio Stencils for having such beautiful and professional grade stencils!!!” – Divine Design by Tracey

“I stenciled the large wall in our bedroom because it was just too large and too ‘navy’. I really love how it came out and it was very easy!” - @michellemanteiga used the Bagru Block Print Wall Stencil to decorate her bedroom feature wall.

“The Kasbah Tile Stencil was fun and mesmerizingly (is that even a word?) suiting. I loved painting every bit of my now finished and gorgeous bedroom. I am so in love. Will definitely stencil again and dress up more rooms.” - Leen Goossens

“I was struggling for a while with what I wanted to do to finish decorating my bedroom. My husband and I like a clean and simple style, so we didn’t love the idea of hanging anything above or on the sides of our massive headboard. However, we still felt the wall needed something. When I stumbled onto Royal Design Studio’s geometric stencil patterns, I knew that is what we needed to complete the room. We are so happy with how it turned out. It was exactly what I had imagined! It is stunning! Thanks for the amazing design: the Shibori Modern Wall Stencil.” – Kori Tramel

“Check out my guest bedroom wall! I used the Majestic Medina Damask Wall Stencil to achieve this wallpapered linen look! Love getting creative with faux and stencils!” - @kellies_creations

“I help my clients to design and decorate their space. Stencils are one of the best modern interior trends in decorating furniture, walls, floors and ceilings. I am in love with stencil art so I was thrilled when my client asked me to stencil her walls in the bedroom. Royal  Stencil Cream in antique gold created different effects in the space. In the daylight, it looks all sparkly if the sun is shining on it, and it has a different shade in the part of the room where the sun is not shining. It is like magic that the camera cannot capture!! The amazing stencil I used is the Ribbon Lattice Wall Stencil.” – Vassi Talampassi

We spotted 👀 our Tribal Batik Wall Stencil on @thejungalow’s Instagram! She says, “This room is giving us Indigo dreams!” @theaccidentalbohemian is a first time stenciler and she says, “What a difference this wall has made in our bedroom! It’s so pretty I can’t stop staring at it. Thanks to Royal Design Studio Stencils and their Tribal Batik Wall Stencil, my bedroom has been given a good dose of oomph!”

“I'm so happy with the results. My spouse had no faith and is now converted, and was amazed at the end result as well. To prep, I painted our bedroom wall dark blue. Planning and doing my research per Royal Design Studio’s instructions helped a lot. I watched videos and got the right tools before I began. I also mapped out how I would stencil the wall with the Elsabet Trellis Wall Stencil, knowing that the window in the middle of the room would be a challenge, and saving that for last as I'd have to cut up the stencil toward the end. Anyway, just can't get over the end result. My Mom now wants me to do a wall in her house. I may have a second career. :)” – Joe Chang

“The project was for my daughter who had a milestone 21st birthday. Due to the Coronavirus, plans were cancelled. I had to think outside of the box I suggested for her gift she could move to the top floor and have a theme of her choice. She was elated. Bohemian theme it was. We came across Royal Design Studio Stencils and had to have this awesome Protective Eyes Wall Stencil. Since her room is completed, she hasn’t mind that we are in quarantine.” – Carmen Krause

“I purchased the Loose Weave Wall Stencil to add some character to our master bedroom. I had never stenciled before so I wanted to select a pattern that would "hide" imperfections if necessary.  Surprisingly it was much easier than I expected.  I used blue painters tape to hold the stencil on the wall instead of adhesive spray. I just needed to use minimal paint so the paint didn't bleed behind the stencil. We are very happy with the result and the stencil pattern made such a wonderful focal piece on our wall.” – Lisa Fox

“I set out to make my dark, dreary guest room into a beautiful, stylish oasis. I was looking for an African, tribal feel and got inspiration from a guest room I saw in Cape Town. I decided to do more than a single accent color wall, but not go overboard with expensive, messy wall paper. I started looking for stencils and found the Moana Tribal stencil at Royal Design Studio. This was the first stencil project I'd ever done and it was so worth it. I am so pleased with the results and it looks like an artist did it. I've gotten so many compliments (virtual that is, since we are still in quarantine). I love this stencil design.” – Dee Johnson

“My husband and I decided to finish our guest bedroom recently. I've always admired Moroccan tiles and designs, so when I came across Royal Design Studio, I fell in love with the Allover Rabat Tile Stencil. Not to shy away from a challenge, I brainstormed color combinations that I already had in my Chalk Paint arsenal, including Annie Sloan's Chicago Grey, Giverny, Greek Blue and Napoleonic Blue. It was SO worth it! I couldn't be happier with the results! We can't wait to welcome guests when COVID-19 it's safe to do so!” – Pamela WImmer

“I really wanted to make my bedroom feel like a sanctuary. I studied the Royal Design Studio website for days and decided on the amazingly beautiful Corsini Damask Wall Stencil. I used 3 different paint colors in the blue grey family, a roller, and a level. This turned out to be the perfect project during quarantine. I so enjoyed this project. I followed the how to stencil video tutorials on Royal Design Studio for guidance, which were very helpful. I am so pleased with my stenciled wall... I love it!!” – Rachelle Marcus

A bedroom isn’t complete without a statement wall or feature wall. @benjamin_in_l.a used the Contempo Trellis Large Wall Paint Stencil to create a dramatic backdrop that everyone will love.

“My teenage son decided to finally let me paint over the airplane mural in his room. I stenciled the bedroom walls with the All The Right Curves Wall Stencil.”- akissick9500

Laura Christian used the Loose Weave Wall Stencil on her bedroom wall.

@divinedesignbytracey made her client’s bedroom look like a designer room with metallic paint and our Grand Fabric Damask Wall Stencil. This DIY feature wall design pulls the whole look together!

“Bedroom refresh!!! This DIY flooring project is brought to you by hubs and I! This incredible stenciled floor! The payoff is so bog!!! 😍😍😍 I’m in LOVE!! Thanks to Royal Design Studio Stencils for making such a superior product!!! 💕” - @the_indigo_leopard_home used our Chez Ali Moroccan Floor Stencil

@sarahkristin loves her glam bedroom makeover! The Floral Cascade Damask Wall Stencil in metallic silver paint is the perfect complement to her luxe bedroom furniture. No need to dream about having a room like this – you can get the look by stenciling your own bedroom wall!

“Just finished this beautiful bedroom for a sweet client just in time for her to relax in! It looks so pretty! Simple elegance :) ” - @christinajonesdesigns used the Mansion House Grille Wall Stencil from Royal Design Studio to decorate this glam bedroom.

“I stenciled the Starry Moroccan Night Stencil on the blank wall in my master bedroom. I left parts of the stencil unpainted to give more of an organic effect and used metallic paint on part of the design as well. I love the flexibility and creative use of this high quality wall stencil pattern. I am very happy with the end result. Thank you for a great product!” – Tiffany Holesovsky

“I wanted to make some changes to our bedroom without fully painting it. We used the Loose Weave Wall Stencil, Royal Stencil Creme, and a Royal Stencil Brush from the Royal Design Studio website. Wow, what a difference! I have people asking me how I did it! So glad that we tried it (we are first timers) and I’m looking forward to our next stencil project!” – Susan Mora

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