Insta Glam: Customers Stenciling Glamourous Decor

Insta Glam: Customers Stenciling Glamourous Decor

Instagram makes it look like everyone is decorating their homes in a blink of an eye (or a click of a like!), but is it really that easy? The quickest and most affordable way to instant glamification is here! Royal Design Studio Stencils and paint give you that instant glam you've been looking for in a snap.

Instagram makes it look like everyone is decorating their homes in a blink of an eye (or a click of a like!), but is it really that easy? The quickest and most affordable way to instant glamification is here! Royal Design Studio Stencils and paint give you that instant glam you've been looking for in a snap. Within a single afternoon or weekend, you can paint a glamorous pattern on your wall or floor. See below some of our fav stencil projects we found tagged on @royalstencils and #royaldesignstudio. Make sure to tag your insta-glam stencil project so we can share it :)

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Perfect Patterned Patio! @athomewithxin painted and stenciled this large concrete patio with the You’re A Star Tile Stencil from Royal Design Studio! The difference is insane!

Someone loves their new stenciled floor!! @katya__reyes painted her entryway tile with the Maison Floral Tile Stencil.

@thesassybarn knocked this one out of the... laundry room with this DIY decorating project! She painted the concrete floor of her basement laundry room with our Herringbone Brick Stencil and WOW!

 “I did it! I painted and stenciled our tile floor!” - @popofpippi did a great job with her very first stencil project with the Petra Tile Stencil. Stenciling is easy for beginners!

Obsessing over this dreamy nursery! @melinda.simm painted this accent wall with our Windsor Damask Wall Stencil. It looks like designer wallpaper, but it wayyy more affordable and safe for walls!

“Guys!!!! I couldn’t wait to show you how this turned out! This isn’t tile... it’s the Opposites Attract Stencil from Royal Design Studio Stencils and we are digging it hard. I’m so happy we did it this weekend. We are IN LOVE with Royal Design Studio and can’t wait for the new firepit to come in!” - @jessicagann

Feeling like today’s going to be another great one … so here’s another great stencil project to get you inspired! @nora_torres painted her wall with our Cheetah Print Stencil and added a pop of pink to compliment the animal print pattern.

“Although there are MANY options to create an accent wall, from just regular paint, to removable wallpaper, I chose to go with Royal Design Studio Stencils. This isn’t my first time playing around with one. Stencils are super easy, relatively fast and inexpensive. There is just something about the various designs that you can use that I really enjoy. There are tons of patterns and they give you the ability to customize your colors for a complete different look. I chose to go with the Mali Mudcloth Design Wall Stencil, which is a graphic pattern distinctive of the Malian culture in Africa.” - @brownskinbeautiful

“My One Room Challenge reveal! I’m so happy to finally be able to share the result! I wanted to create a space that felt different than the others in the house. I think the Spring Rose Blossoms Stencil really helped bring that to life.” - @thewilliamsabode

“I went full DIY queen over here and STENCILED Emilia’s wall. We were originally going to do wallpaper, but every print that I loved had a hefty price tag and after talking over my plans for the wall with a friend she mentioned Royal Design Studio Stencils to me and after searching their site, I was SOLD on the idea of stenciling the top half of that wall. I am so happy with how this wall turned out and am seriously impressed by how well I did with this project! I’m not a very creative or crafty person so the fact that I pulled this off seriously surprises me.” - @alyssa.uriarte

These two painted wood dressers are so cute! @upcycledfurniturebyevie painted this wood furniture with the Bixby Tile Stencil each with different paint colors to create two completely different looks.

“Basically since we bought this house the patio has been my great embarrassment, but NO LONGER, FRIENDS!” - @hannahtev painted her concrete with the Step Up Triangles Stencil and now LOVES her patio!

Dresser dressed to impress! Love the result of @dalboscodesign with our Tribal Batik Stencils and just a little paint.

Make a splash and dive head first into the decorating trend we can’t get enough of: mermaids! @brickandbrassdesigns used our Moroccan Scallops Wall Stencil to create this look, which is so easy to do!

That feeling of a job well done! @place_ofmy_taste created a wallpaper look... without using wallpaper! She loved painting her feature wall with the Contempo Trellis Wall Stencil because it is safe for walls and customizable. Love it too??

@allioopsiedaisy made her fireplace surround absolutely stunning by painting the fireplace tiles with the Amaranth Tile Stencil. It’s now a bold feature wall that guests love!

A little bit of pattern goes a long way and completely finishes off a room. @doriefoshee painted a back hallway wall with the Diamonte Damask Wall Stencil and it adds the perfect punch of pattern.

“I’m beyond happy with how this outdoor patio project is coming along! The painted area with the Duomo Tile Stencil gave us the effect of having an outdoor rug, with the ease of hosing it off! Although this was a simple task, it’s not for the faint of heart (or should I say time spent on the hard concrete). Would I do it again? Yes! The outcome is even more grand then I could have hoped for.” -

A bedroom feature wall is the best way to bring together the entire room and its decor. An easy and affordable option is to paint it with wall stencils. @heatherdibbleinteriors painted her bedroom wall with the French Floral Damask Stencil. So much better than wallpaper!

Furniture flipping is a fun weekend DIY project for those that love to create and save money. @thehousewarmings made this wood furniture piece look new again by painting the wood with the Havana Tile Stencil.

“Would you believe this was stenciled floor if you didn’t watch it happen?? So, so happy with how our guest bathroom refresh is coming along!! Have I convinced you to stencil over your old vinyl yet?!” - @sweetbungalow painted her bathroom floors with the Hexagon Subway Tile Stencil… and it looks like real tile!

This hutch makeover is pretty “eye” catching! @beauty_by_joan had an “eye” out for something to add to this wall area and the Protective Eyes Wall Stencil did just the trick!

“While we have big plans to renovate this space in another year or so, we couldn’t stand the brown tile anymore. So a bandaid makeover was in order! It’s incredible what some paint and the Hexagon Tile Stencil can do! We love love love how the space turned out.” - @camilleyameen

@curlcabin gave this small bathroom makeover a touch of painted pattern. She gave her floors a tile design with the help of floor paint, sealant, and the Onward Tile Stencil.

“Accent wall of a bedroom! Made with archipietra intonaco and calcecruda from NovaColor. And I used the Isabella Tile Stencil from Royal Design Studio Stencils to create a raised design.” - @chrissalouccetti

“One more step to seal and this project is officially complete. I think the Lisboa Tile Stencil looks pretty amazing and a significant improvement over the original boring concrete!” - @anna.marier

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