Best Before and After Stencil Projects

Best Before & After Home Makeovers with Stencils

Our talented customers love seeing a total transformation unfold before their inspired eyes and creative hands when they use Royal Design Studio Stencils for painting. We’ve asked them for their best Before & After stencil project pics and we are shocked with their results! Who knew just a little paint and stenciling could make such a difference? (We did!) Check out these Before & After’s that WON big time and walked away with a beautiful stencil project AND a $50 stencil shopping spree!
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Our talented customers love seeing a total transformation unfold before their inspired eyes and creative hands when they use Royal Design Studio Stencils for painting. We’ve asked them for their best Before & After stencil project pics and we are shocked with their results! Who knew just a little paint and stenciling could make such a difference? (We did!) Check out these Before & After’s that WON big time and walked away with a beautiful stencil project AND a $50 stencil shopping spree!

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“I finished a project using the Large 20" Moxie Tile Stencil Set and I can't believe how well it turned out!! I used the stencils to spice up the feature wall in my bedroom! Very happy with the result, I will buy from Royal Design Studio Stencils again for other future projects!” – Flo Park


“I was never happy with having any form of floor covering for our porch. If leaves weren't sticking to it, it was getting stained from muddy feet. I ran across the idea of stenciling it on Google. After the idea stuck, I did lots of research and finally settled on the Lisboa Tile Stencil and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I LOVE how it turned out, and so does everyone who sees it. Thank you Royal Design Studio so much for the ideas, videos and supplies to complete this project.” - Jennifer Rittenhouse

Anatolia Tile Stencil & Petra Tile Stencil projects by Lynn Morgan

“We just moved into a newly built home and this was my first project to take the mass builders standard run of the mill powder room a\nd make it something special! I used the Mandala Fusion Stencil.” – Madison Blinn

“This is my kitchen floor before and after with the Petra Tile Stencil. I love it! Thank you Royal Design Stencils!” - Chantale L'Écuyer

“I used the Palace Trellis Moroccan Wall Stencil to transform our fireplace wall. As a newbie to stenciling, I was very pleased with how quickly and easily it went. I love the result and have gotten lots of compliments already. Thank you Royal Design Studio!” - Lisa Brogan

“This was my second stencil project I did to our guest room. I wanted to have a statement design behind the bed and connect the colors from the chandelier to the wall.  I used this gorgeous Thicket Leaves Stencil and the outcome was just fantastic.  What's wonderful about Royal stencil designs is that they are modern and really can replace the hassle of wallpaper applications (we've actually had several guests think the stencil design was wallpaper!). Happy customer!” - Lori Moffatt

“Royal Design Studio is my go-to online stencil source. I have loved their stencils for years.  My designer client wanted a traditional damask but with a lighter more open and distressed feel. I think we succeeded with this Damask Wall Stencil and she is thrilled with the results.” – Deborah Weir

“This project was done to our half bath. I wanted something I could do myself on maternity leave. That would leave me inspired and accomplished! The Hexagon Subway Tile Stencil was the perfect idea. It changed this dark crowded bathroom into a bright fun space and I have received so many compliments from friends and family that have seen it. It’s so beautiful and is a treasure knowing it was “hand made”.” - Rebekah Brandt

“We had a pad outside our casita sliding doors that was begging for some Royal Stencil Love! My daughter had recently been to Rome Italy and shared pictures of the Roman Bath mosaic floors. That was my inspiration. I was hooked on many of Royal Stencil patterns but Intuition pulled at my heart!” – Linda Roberts


“I proudly present my Before and After Project featuring the Wisteria Stencil I bought from Royal Design Studio. My project began with three very old and dirty butler pantry doors that lived in our dirty cellar for about 35 years.  I got the hair-brained idea to make a headboard out of them for our newly renovated bedroom. I proceeded to clean them up and with my engineer husband put together a construction plan for the headboard. But the real fun began once it was all assembled and painted and ready for the stenciling. I am very proud of my work and my completed bedroom. Royal Design Studio stencils and paint and brushes are very fine quality and I have used them before.  This project however, was one of my most satisfying.” - Marianne Hebenstreit

“The wall over my bed looked rather bland. When I wasn't able to find a headboard that fit between the windows, I came up with the pillow and stencil idea. I used the Flourish Allover Stencil as it came close to matching my duvet cover. This project took all of about 3 hours and I'm really pleased with the outcome. Discovering Royal Design Studio’s website, great stencils, and other people's results inspired me to attempt stenciling. This is my third project (in three weeks) using Royal stencils, and I love all the results!” – Carol Ferguson

“We gave this boring concrete slab that had cracks, various odd texture patches, and a roof tar spill spot, a TOTAL a facelift using Royal Designs Stencils! We are so happy with the results and get so many compliments. Thank YOU Royal Stencils for making unique statement areas in the home possible with beautiful affordable stencils!” - Christina Beck-Arrieta 

“I recently stenciled my guest room wall using the _____ Damask Wall Stencil.  I love how it turned out. I am a 70 year old retired school teacher.  I have always loved painting/decorating projects.  So far I have used three Royal stencils and I'm soon to start a fourth project. Can't wait to get started!” - Deborah Emeny

“I recently purchased your Grand Fabric Damask Stencil for a commission I was working on here in England. The client wanted a faded French glory feel, like artwork had been uncovered rather than newly created. We were both thrilled with the result and I look forward to working with your stencils again.” – Catherine Biddle

Lisboa Tile Stencil project by Cathy

“I am opening a juice bar and there’s a lovely courtyard as the entrance to the café that has a large wall, and it just needed something more to accent the space. I am very pleased with the turnout after using the Mandala Stencil.” – Christian Freeman

“I transformed the walls behind our entertainment center with the Starburst Stencil!  I love the fun, happy feeling this pattern gave to our living room!” - Courtney McClure

“This project is a 3000 square foot Restaurant. I used concrete stains in 3 colors and the Chatsworth Tile Stencil. I saturated a small sponge with stain, and lightly touched with my stencil brush to limit the amount of product on the brush to avoid bleeding.” – Deborah Phillips

“These were tables that my brother had in his house for years. There wasn't much wrong with them, just needed some updating. Found the Mandala Stencil from Royal Design Studio and it all came together!” - Debra Waggoner 

“My husband and I purchased a new home on Maui and the previous owner left many nice pieces of furniture but they were a little too traditional and did not fit in with the rest of our decor. I wanted to keep this one table but it needed a little hawaiiana so I purchased the Mali Mudcloth Furniture Stencil and new hardware and transformed the table.” – Diane Seals

Flourish Allover Wall Stencil project by Jamie Kennedy

“We couldn’t afford to do heavy renovations on the house so I decided to try a stencil and boy did it pay off! Friends are blown away by how well it turned out. The detail in the stencil totally hides the imperfections in the plywood. Also, I looove the colors of stencil paint Royal Design Studio has.” – Jessica Wajda

Tribal Batik Stencil project by Jolie Vitale

“My very old hallway coat rack was in need of a pick me up and always seemed unfinished. I managed to transform it with the French Love Letters Furniture Stencil and the Royal Stencil Creme Smoked Oyster. I’ve used Royal Stencils for years on Chairs and Art Projects. They never disappoint.” - Jude Regalado

“This was my first floor stenciling project.  I used many videos and photos from Royal Design Studio to provide ideas and instruction. The results are amazing although not perfect, but I learned a lot from the process start to finish.  It transformed my covered porch into a cozy outdoor space we love even more.  With Covid giving us additional time at home, doing small things like this to make our space more comfortable and fun was much appreciated.  Not to mention the satisfaction of completing a project I may not have done before. Thank you Royal Stencils for giving me the tools to make something beautiful and learn a new skill.” - Kelly Woods

“This was my Laundry Room makeover during covid! I couldn’t be more pleased, as I did not have to replace the floor.  This became a “quarantine” project for me and I love it! I just bought another stencil  and am onto my bathroom! What a great way to DIY!!!” – Leah


“My patio was an old, dirty, and messy eyesore.  After cleaning, I used a gray base coat followed by Royal Design Studio's You're a Star Tile Allover Stencil in white and a sealant.  The patio is now my favorite space.” - Maggie Horty

“This is an old cupboard that I found in a basement. Painted it green and used it as a linen cabinet.  Then I decided it needed some “oomph”.  The cabinet is dark orange with navy blue doors which are stenciled in gold. Couldn’t love it more.” - Margaret Robertson

“In my bedroom, I have a small pocket of space by the window and thought I should make that into a special little seating area. I wake up to this and it just makes the start of my day.” – Maria Robles

“I found this buffet at a used furniture place and I knew I would paint it but wanted to do something fun with it.  Because my grandchildren call me Honey, I decided that bees would be appropriate! I had never stenciled before but it was not hard and I’m thrilled with the results.” - Mary Beth Bratcher

“Loved doing this project.  My husband found these 2 unloved mid century chairs that were on the sidewalk and heading to the county dump.  He brought them home knowing I would love them.  Here they are, now proudly a part of our new dining room after I stenciled them!” - Maureen Jarock

Tribal Batik Stencil project by Melissa Harris

Toledo Tile Stencil project by Melissa Pontiff

“I had a lady call me wanting me to stencil her patio. She had recently had an extension poured that doubled the size of her patio. The newly poured concrete didn't match the existing concrete so the tooled groove between the new and old concrete was filled with acrylic fortified cement then both the new and the old concrete were diamond ground to smooth down the existing broom finish and a basecoat of water based epoxy was applied in black followed with the stenciled pattern using porch & patio acrylic enamel in white. Finally, a coat of clear urethane fortified acrylic was applied.” – Mr Concrete Coatings

“I wanted to make a bold statement in the entryway of my Victorian house and the Thicket Leaves Stencil was the perfect solution! It gives the feeling of historical wallpaper without the high price tag or commitment.” - Nicole Beckett 

“Redid my front porch this Fall; from a dingy brown to bright and welcoming with the Toledo Tile Stencil. I’m so excited with how well it came out.” – Risha Hess

“Growing up, my mom always talked about the intricate damask wallpaper that was in the dining room of her childhood home, but I was never able to see it. I do believe that is what sparked the idea to put a damask pattern in my own dining room. Now that it's finished, my family cannot believe how similar the rooms are to each other. Thank you Royal Design Studio for helping me to unknowingly carry on a family tradition!” - Sam Yanes

Stencil project by Sandy George

“I redid my front porch with the Palladium Tile Stencil. I love love love how it turned out! I’m now getting ready to stencil my kitchen floor!” – Shannon Harris

“Our project was to transform original 1950's, damaged linoleum in our kitchen into something beautiful,  but affordable. I chose the Shibori Stencil from Royal Design Studio - there are so many wonderful options! And it's so affordable!” - Christina Nelson

“I had a crack on my porch and I hated it. I repaired it with cement and then decided to stencil the area. I had three different stencils i was in love with but couldn’t make up my mind. I had my daughter finally pick one and her choice was perfect, I used the Lisbola Tile Stencil.” – Susan McKinney

Circling Allover Stencil project by Tammy Zivkovich

“I used the Lisboa Tile Stencil.  The concrete was white with orange clay stains from the builder.  I painted the concrete with grey concrete paint.  Then I lined up the stencil with a red chalk line to make sure I was going straight.  I then taped down the stencil and got started. I used the same off-white concrete paint that was on the wall (as I wanted it to match).  I used black to give it a dramatic look.” – Tina Worley

“I just finished my very first stencil project. We love how our powder room turned out.” - Wendy Kalusz

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