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Trendsetting Stencils: Pattern Picks for 2022

Every year, the global design hive is buzzing with ideas for current and upcoming design trends. We’ve read the forecasts and rounded up our favs of the favs. Here, we want to share with you how to use Royal Design Studio Stencils in your homes to update your interiors with the 2022 trends (and stencil patterns) that speak to you.

Vintage Retro Stencils

With so many gorgeous pattern styles to pull back from the past to the present, it’s no wonder that we keep wanting to return to Retro and Modern Vintage styles again and again. 2022 is no exception, and at Royal Design Studio we love bringing retro pattern and back to life with new stencil designs.

For a bold Retro wall treatment stencil our new Sound Waves Stencil in a retro-inspired color palette. Paint a classic retro style on a kitchen backsplash with the Hexagon Subway Tile Stencil. Use our gorgeous new Amelie Damask Wall Stencil for a romantic Modern Vintage bedroom. Create a show-stopping retro look with the Uzma Circles Wall Stencil stenciled in gold on a bold colored background.

With so many stencil pattern designs to choose from, it’s easy to ride the Retro design trend that suits your own style.

Animal Print Pattern Stencil Trend

A perennial pattern trend, animal prints are always a “go-to” designer choice. Beautifully designed by nature, these patterns add a bold accent while also providing a neutral compliment to classical patterns and floral designs.

Animal print stencil choices from Royal Design Studio include a classic Cheetah Spots Wall Stencil, a bold Zebra Stripes Wall Stencil, and our latest Leopard Spots Wall Stencil.

For an updated animal print stencil look for 2022 try going a little wild by stenciling an animal print design on a floor or ceiling surface.

Tactile Warmth Trending Stencils

2022 design trends include more textured surfaces and plaster finishes. But if you aren’t ready to put a textured plaster finish on your walls, you can easily create a warm textural look with a texture stencil pattern and paint.

Our texture stencil patterns are inspired by hand woven finishes like knitting, weaving and basketry. When stenciled in neutral colors these designs add a subtle, tactile effect to your walls-wrapping you up in their soothing warmth.

Broken Braid Herringbone Stencil, Loose Weave Stencil, Funky Fibers Wall Stencil, Chunky Cable Knit Stencil

Stencil an Arts & Crafts Revival

The original Arts and Crafts Movement in the late 19th century, with its return to focus on natural beauty and craftsmanship,  was an answer and antidote to the Industrial Revolution. As the ongoing digital revolution digs it way deeper in our everyday lives, the revival of Arts and Crafts design themes and styles has returned again to help keep us rooted and grounded.

If you are moving in your own home to loving deeper colors, darker shades of wood, and a more warm, crafted, and curated look, this could be the trend for you. As William Morris, one of the founders of the original Arts & Crafts Revolution famously said, “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

Join the return to craftsmanship with our Arts & Crafts inspired stencil patterns: Thicket Leaves Wall Stencil, Eugenie Floral Wall Stencil, Aubrey Trellis Wall Stencil, English Cottage Floral Stencil.

We hope you've been inspired with ideas to update your walls, floors, or ceilings with trending stencil pattern for 2022. Head over to our How to Stencil Videos page for more stenciling ideas AND how-to instructions to get you started.


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