Before & After Home Renovations in Quarantine

Before & After Home Renovations in Quarantine

Paint Stencils from Royal Design Studio are just the trick to help you update your quarantine space without spending too much unnecessary cash during this time. We have gathered up some of our favorite Before + After DIY projects using paint stencils.

As COVID-19 and quarantine drag on, you might be left in your home spending more and more time looking around at some of your old, outdated, or just plain boring home decor. Are you wondering what can be improved and updated? Well, this is THE time to decorate now that your earlier “I’ll do this once I have time” has turned into “Wow, I have a lot of spare time”. Paint Stencils from Royal Design Studio are just the trick to help you update your quarantine space without spending too much unnecessary cash during this time. We have gathered up some of our favorite Before + After DIY projects using paint stencils.


“When we moved into our home last year there was an eyesore of an old chicken coop and overgrown bushes behind our shed, along with a concrete slab begging for help. With the assistance my handy husband and the beautiful Chez Ali Moroccan Stencil, we have completely transformed this area.” - Ashley Rochelle 

“Did my first stencil project on front patio with the Palladium Tile Stencil.” - Denise Frye 

Emily McCracken used the Havana Tile Stencil on her floor.

“This was my first attempt at stenciling and I'm pleased with how it turned out. After power washing the concrete, we stained it with three coats of a terracotta concrete stain from Home Depot. Then we used Rust-oleum white semi-gloss general purpose paint for stenciling the Petra Tile Stencil and finished with three coats of Seal-crete waterproofing sealant. We've received many compliments on the finished product.” - Erika Binns

“I recently completed a stencil project with the Shibori Japanese Wall Stencil. It turned out great!” - Frida Arroyo 

“The Kasbah Tile Stencil was fun and mesmerizingly (is that even a word?) suiting. I loved painting every bit of my now finished and gorgeous bedroom. I am so in love. Will definitely stencil again and dress up more rooms.” - Leen Goossens

“I just finished my first stencil project with the Mandala Fusion Tile Stencil. I am super pleased with the results! I knew I wanted to do something to the porch floor. I decided I need to make a statement. Now my porch feels like a room.  It’s my favorite room. Thank you Royal Design Studio Stencils for having so many great choices and links to how to’s for beginners like myself. I have had a lot of compliments on the porch. I am pretty proud of it.  Thank you again for being the resource for beginners like me.” - Lorrie Bumsted-Valois

“We were remodeling a 97 year old house with a back porch that had a concrete floor. We wanted something that was really cool and cheery and fit with the colors and theme of the house. We painted it with the Mandala Fusion Tile Stencil.” – Lyndi Long

“When we bought our 1969 home, the previous owners gifted us a challenge in updating the bathroom. We were on a budget, so we couldn’t replace anything. After updating the walls with shiplap and new mirrors, we painted the cabinets, then ventured into unchartered territory with the Palladium Tile Stencil. It was a weekend project requiring patience and vision, and in the end, we cannot be more thrilled!” – Madeline Jacobs

“For my second stencil project, I decided to paint my powder room floor with the Duomo Tile Stencils. I absolutely love the results!” - Nancy Goldman


“I discovered Royal Design Studio Stencils through Pinterest, and has given us a great tool to bring a fresh and modern Victorian feel into our interior design, and staying within our budget. The wall paint is Benjamin Moore HC-143 Wythe Blue and the off white of the Samarqant Suzani Stencil is Benjamin Moore ceiling paint tinted OC-45 Swiss Coffee (also used on ceiling). All other colors used in stenciling are my personal mix of craft paints.” – Nancy Pohl

“Just love Royal Design Studio Stencil patterns! I used the Majestic Medina Damask Stencil on my wall.” – Nina Roby


“Turned my ugly old brown tiles to beautiful new modern design and color with the Toledo Tile Stencil.” – Pam Honeycutt

“I wanted to make a dramatic statement for my Peacock color inspired dining room. I first painted my wall an ombre of peacock colors and then used Majestic Medina Damask Wall Stencil and Antique Gold Stencil Creme Paint.” - Pamela Tomasso


“When we started, the old concrete slab was rust stained with old bars sticking out and downright ugly. Plus it is smack in the middle of the yard! I could not be more thrilled with the transformation. The Baraka Tile Stencil was the perfect choice for our midcentury home, a touch of whimsy with those classic 1970s clean lines. It took the patio from eyesore to outdoor sanctuary!” - Renée Stoeckle


Sarah Heck painted her floors with the Aragon Tile Stencil.

“What a difference the You’re A Star Tile Stencil has made on my patio... it’s perfect.” – Darlene

“This is a story about an ugly floor that was very difficult to keep looking clean in a well-used kitchen.  We lined up the Palladium Tile Stencil and added the other half of the smaller motif... being careful to tape over the stencil elements we didn’t want to paint.” – Elna BeckStoscher

“I just recently discovered Royal Design Studio’s beautiful stencils and completed few projects this summer. This fireplace was my favorite project, such a huge transformation from old slate tile to a bold geometric playful design with the You’re A Star Tile Stencil.

This sunroom had very old orange floors. I transformed it using the Isabella Tile Stencil into a beautiful space that will be used for home yoga studio.

My outdoor concrete patio had a very dull plain concrete texture. I used the Isabella Tile Stencil with Sherwin Williams paints in neutral tones to make it beautiful and unique.

This room was the worst looking room in my home with the dark old concrete floors. I used the new Island Dreams Tile Stencil and really love how it turned out. Now the room looks bright and playful and I want to spend more time here.” – Galina Hughes

“I knew I wanted a very special bedroom (out of the “Beaty and the Beast”) and I found the perfect Lisabetta Damask Wall Stencil from Royal Design Studio. Hope you like it as much as I do. The design is supposed to resemble a royal wallpaper, if you will, with a silky background and velvet damask(y) design. I used a metallic paint as base and a dark purple matt paint for the stencil. I will be decorating the room with a bed crown and some curtains as well, for a more dramatic appearance.” – Dora Stephan


“This was my 1st stenciling project ever. The porch needed to have the same feel and stone or plain paint just wasn't the right choice. I got ideas from Pinterest and found the perfect design Illusion Tile Stencil. I put a base coat down on the cement and chose 2 colors for the design that tie into the interior design theme. Paint used was the Benjamin Moore porch and cement paint. Matte for the base and gloss for the tile design.” - Robin Klombers 


“The bathroom floor was a very dated, generic vinyl floor, in good shape, just very boring.  Rather than doing a construction project to redo the floor, I painted it and used the Isabella Tile Stencil to transform it.” – Marion Dies

“When I saw the Everlasting Cacti Stencil I fell in love with it and it became the inspiration for my son’s nursery. I decided to keep the colors classic and wall color the same as the rest of the room so the stencil would really pop on the wall. This was my first stenciling project and it was so fun. I was ecstatic with the results and got so many compliments.” – Anna Spence

“This was my very first stencil project and I absolutely love how it turned out! Definitely loved the Petra Tile Stencil we chose. Very easy to use, durable stencil and super easy to clean. Definitely have some more projects in mind!” - Betsy Lagos


“I had a bathroom makeover recently using Royal Design Studio Tile Stencils and used Royal Stencil Brushes.  I am very please of the results. Thank you so much for the tutorial videos.” – Cres Ralph

This was my first attempt at stenciling and had so much fun. The possibilities are endless.... I'm starting another project soon! I’m happy with how it turned out. I used the Peel and Stick and Paint Canvas and 3 Tile Stencil designs.” – Dale Julian 

“We remodeled our bathroom, which had wallpaper from 1995 all over it. After the wallpaper was removed, the walls were painted a base coat of Byte Blue from Sherwin Williams. I was looking at wallpaper that was going to cost between $1,200 and $1,500 just for the paper. The paper was the inspiration for the project. I purchased the Francesca Floral Damask Wall Stencil, and used the Royal stencil cremes Peacock Fancy, Pearl Oyster, and Smoked Oyster to create the six colors used in the design. I LOVE the new look, and even with brushes, I spent less than $325 on the entire project! BTW, I love the Royal Stencil Brushes, too.” – Jenn Gibbs

“I decided to paint and stencil a rug in the Palladium Tile Stencil pattern and seal it so I would always have a clean nice looking rug. We are very happy with it. I am planning on stenciling a larger rug on our second patio now that this turned out so well.” - Brenda Sheely

“We just finished our summer patio project using the Mandala Fusion Tile Stencil. We are so happy with how it turned out! Many people are asking what stencil used and where to get it. I gladly told them Royal Design Studio Stencils.” – Christine Davis


“My husband and I did a kitchen and dining room remodel this year. The stencil I used on the back dining room wall was Stitched Diamante Verve Wall Stencil. It gave the dining room a classic, yet modern feel.  I get so many compliments on the "wallpaper" and then I have to tell them it's a stencil. People are always shocked when I tell them. Royal Design Studio has so many fun patterns and I look forward to doing more in the near future!” - Kim Welhaven

“I stenciled my kitchen and coffee bar with You’re A Star Tile Stencil. I absolutely love it and so does my family. To me it looks like an expensive wallpaper but no! It’s an awesome stencil from Royal Design Studio for a fraction of the price! I love how a stencil can transform a room from blah to beautiful. Thank you Royal Design Studio for your great designs and quality stencils.” - Lee Ann Ward

“This room tends to be darker so I knew I wanted to brighten it up somehow. I found the perfect Francesca Floral Damask Stencil and got carried away with bright beautiful colors and I couldn't be happier with the result. It is now our Guest Bedroom and we have been having so many guests since!” – Lucia Buenrostro


“We used Diamond Hard paint to paint this old 80s tile. This Supernova Tile Stencil has given out fireplace new life!” - Melodee Morgan

There is an original bare concrete slab (about 20 yrs old) which is still in good shape. We painted the pergola white and my husband built the new fence whilst I started stenciling the floor. I power washed the concrete and once it dried completely I painted it with a quick dry, blue garage floor paint as base. I applied the Endless Circles Stencil in an off white using the same garage floor paint. I then sealed it with about 3 coats of sealant to make sure it stays in good condition. The stencil was so easy use! It was easier than I expected to complete the pattern around corners and the supporting pillars and so much cheaper than replacing it with decking. We now just love our new space. I went from being embarrassed about the area and thinking of it as an eye sore to being proud of the transformation and enjoying spending time here. It looks light, fresh and welcoming, even at night. Love Royal Design Studio’s quality products and customer services!” - Pearl van Staden


“This is my entry way. There is an inset and it was boring. I wanted it to be dramatic and make a statement. I think this Tiger Stripes Stencil accomplished that.” – Sheri Craft


“Transformed a small, dark, boring foyer with out-of-date ugly tile into something pretty, interesting and welcoming with the Petra Tile Stencil. I’m really happy with it!” – Stephanie Felleti

“I thought up a way to add some curb appeal by covering parts of a giant window with some custom made shutters and the Mansion House Grille Stencil was the perfect way to add some style - I love the result!” – Tammy Ziegler

I wanted to create an accent wall in my pantry and decided I'd make a "wallpaper" look with the You’re A Star Tile Stencil and I love so much!!” – Hannah Wolinski

“I wanted to show you the big transformation my home office made thanks to COVID-19. When I was told by my company that we were going to be working from home,, I moved my whole desktop setup to my house ... with zero space for it. So I said it was finally time to make this space my own. Now I have a full setup and the Leopard Print Stencil totally made the room! We even reused the stencil and also remodeled our front hallway.” - Janelle Schroeder Ammel

“When I became an Annie Sloan stockist at Charisma a few months ago and opened my store, I decided to stencil the bathroom floor as it was in a really bad shape. I used the Isabella Tile Stencil and Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan in Giverny and Arles to update the tiles. I applied Lacquer in Gloss for protection.” – Vassi Talampassi

“I couldn’t wait to brighten up the dark entrance with the Anatolia Tile Stencil as part of my renovation of what was my grandparents over 100 year old farm house. My grandfather’s hat and small treasures I found hidden in his barn decorate the mirror.” - Wilma Yoder 

“This is my second floor project using another of the wonderful Royal Design Studio Stencils (You're A Star Tile Stencil). I am creating a garden room, in a section of my garage. To create a sense of style that includes all of my garden bits and pieces, I knew I wanted to replicate an old floor, one you might find in an abandoned shed.” – Angela Profant

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