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Better Homes & Gardens Loves Floor Stencils!

Better Homes & Gardens is a lifestyle powerhouse with almost a century of experience of inspiring designers and DIY decorators. In a world of endless images and infinite choices, BH&G sharpens the everyday woman’s vision of the life she wants to live. BH&G stimulates creativity, delivers know-how, and surprises her with fresh ideas she can make her own. BH&G powers her passion to live a more colorful life. We always love seeing all the fun home decor ideas that Better Homes & Gardens fills its magazine with, and even better yet, we love seeing what they do with Royal Design Studio stencils! Here’s what they’ve had to say about this mudroom makeover using our floor painting stencils...


BH&G features Jessica of House Homemade and her DIY mudroom in the October 2019 issue. She found that her family’s daily stuff was piling up, and found a solution in a closet near her garage. She turned this closet into a mudroom and said, “There’s no rules… Your home has to work for you.” She installed a bench and bookcases. “It’s nice to have a space where there are clear-cut expectations about where things go. Staying organized feels so much more achievable now.”

For a low-cost update, Jessica ripped up old carpet and stenciled the concrete floor. She used three shades of Sherwin Williams gray paint and a geometrical pattern called the Tumbling Blocks Tile Stencil from Royal Design Studio Stencils. To seal the deal, she rolled on water-based polyurethane.

Jessica says, “The floor. It’s a showstopper. I’m so glad I took the time to paint it before I added the rest of the pieces. It looks awesome. I am truly so in love with this space.”

“The fact that it’s also beautiful helps us take pride in it and want to put things away.”

“Why I DIY: To get the look for less. My husband and I also love it when we have a project we can do together.”

Learn how to stencil your floor with stencils by watching our helpful how to stencil video tutorials here

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