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Look Up! Ceiling Stencils Provide the Crowning Touch

Ceiling stencil ideas from Royal Design Studio


With the holidays coming up, most of us will enjoy entertaining in rooms that reflect our personal style and joie de vivre. Don’t let your joyful expression stop at the walls. Royal Design Studio shows you how stencils can add visual appeal in either a small area of the ceiling or its entire expanse with our Ceiling Stencils Collection. You can even create a "crown molding” effect with our Border Stencils Collection or use stencil patterns along wood beams or within the insets of a coffered ceiling.


Camel Bone Weave Moroccan Ceiling Stencil from Royal Design Studio


The Camel Bone Weave Moroccan Stencil, part of the Allover Moroccan Stencils Collection, was created specifically for this guest room at Peacock Pavilions during one of our painting adventures to Morocco. It's a versatile design that can easily translate to contemporary interiors and mixes beautifully with other patterns. Using your favorite color combination, this would be perfect for any guest room or bath!


Ceiling Medallion Stencil Around Light Fixture


Adding a surrounding stencil in corresponding colors can visually add depth and show off your chandelier! The 19th Century Ceiling Medallion Stencil was used by Patricia Presto for a feature on stenciling an attractive ceiling treatment in Victorian Homes Magazine. This treatment is especially effective in foyer entrances, family rooms and dining rooms.


Royal Design Studio's Scrollallover Stencil painted on ceiling


Stenciling with metallic paints or our Stencil Creme Paints adds wonderful drama and glamour to a ceiling. Decorative artist Cathy Chervanick used the Scrollallover Stencil in an inviting champagne color over a peaceful blue. The stencil finish will shimmer enticingly during the day and give a warm glow and sparkle at night when the lights are reflected. Perfect for day or evening gatherings!

Dressing up the ceiling helps create a more complete, welcoming room design. With stencils, there's no hitting a glass ceiling with inspiring project ideas! Let Royal Design Studio help you create stenciled ceilings that are the crowning touch during both the seasonal gatherings and every day of the year!


Which Royal Design Studio stencil can you not stop looking up at?

This is part of a series of Sprucing your Home Décor for the Holidays. Below are the links to the other inspirations:

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