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Use Stencils to Create Tile Looks with Style!

 Faux Tile Effect with Stencils from Royal Design Studio 

Pretty patterned tiles are a design staple that can provide and added splash of color and design to all sorts of areas in your home, but they can also be costly to buy and install. Of course Royal Design Studio’s stencils offer a quick and easy alternative to wallpaper, but did you know we offer a whole selection of Tile Stencil Patterns that you can use to create your own stenciled faux tile effects for a fraction of the price?! Because traditional tiles are often made of ceramic, stone, or glass, stenciled tile looks can keep the cost of materials WAY down while turning your design options WAY up. Let's look at some innovative ideas for incorporating creative custom tile looks throughout your home....


Create a faux tiled backsplash with Renaissance Tile Stencils | Royal Design Studio


Above, decorative artist Holly Whiting of Artistic Finishes used our versatile Renaissance Tile Stencils series to add even more impact to an existing tiled backsplash. Look closely! The large tiles in the center are actual glazed ceramic tiles. Holly then used an embossed stencil technique with plaster to create a custom border of smaller tile designs to surround them-and did an incredible job matching them to the real tiles by adding a custom glaze color that enhances the raised patterns beautifully.


Stencil a stovetop focal point with Italian Tile Stencils | Royal Design Studio 

For another stenciled kitchen backsplash project, Holly combined those same small Renaissance Tile patterns with our larger Palermo Italian Tile stencil to create a coordinated look with a lovely focal point above the stovetop. See how you can achieve can this same raised effect with a stencil embossing technique. It's a great way to add depth and dimension, and you can play with different coloring and glazing techniques to get different looks.


Your options for stenciling tile effects aren't limited to our Tile Stencil Collection alone, though! Below are some of our favorite ways to create a tiled look using different patterns from our Moroccan Stencils Collection and even versatile Border Stencils. Take a look!


Faux tile stencil ideas for a fireplace surround | Royal Design Studio 

Many of the designs from our Moroccan Stencil Collection are based on classic Moroccan zellij tile patterns. You will find these tile patterns used extensively in Moroccan architecture on floors, walls, counter and table tops. Each different color of ceramic tile is chiseled and laid by hand to create colorful mosaic patterns that seem to go on forever. You can use our allover stencils to create the same effect! Above, our Moroccan Arches Furniture Stencil creates an eye-catching, faux-tile fireplace at Peacock Pavilions in Marrakech that looks both classic and contemporary in black and white. 


Stenciled stair risers for Moroccan flair | Royal Design Studio


Try bringing the look of faux-tile in unexpected places. For example, these stenciled stair risers are such a pleasant and colorful surprise, almost transporting you to Marrakesh for the moment. You can achieve this look by alternating stenciled patterns like the Moroccan Star Border Stencil and the Fez Block Border Stencil  to perfectly portray the look of an exotic tiled staircase. What a great way to push the envelope with your decorating style!


Stencil patterns decorate sink backsplash with style | Royal Design Studio

Back to back splashes! Decorative artist Heather Bruno-Sears used the zellij-inspired Moroccan Star Diamonds stencil in white over a burnt orange background to create the look of an intricately tile counter back splash without the need for grout!

 Border stencils from Royal Design Studio create faux tile effect  | Royal Design Studio 

If you're looking for a smaller project, consider stenciling something like this Floral Chain Border Stencil behind your bathroom or kitchen sink. You can stencil directly onto travertine tiles with either acrylic paint or even water-based Stain and Seal for a lovely translucent effect. Seal with an appropriate stone and tile sealer for added durability.

For more inspiration, check out some other ways to create your own stenciled tile style!

We hope we've given you some ideas for a DIY home stencil projects. We'd love hear your comments and to see what YOU come up with. Please send us your photos or share them with the world on our Royal Design Studio Facebook Page.

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  • Amazing, so creative! I’ve been looking for a stencil to cover the cement slab on my courtyard. You’ve given me some great ideas, thanks, regards Marianne


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