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Decor Crush: Mixing Patterns & Painting Stencils

Celeste Korthase creates bold paintings, floor designs, and wall murals using repurposed construction materials and reclaimed wood. She routinely incorporates Royal Design Studio Stencils because they make applying design so easy, especially over large surfaces. And Celeste likes to work large!! Her amazing stencil work has transformed not only floors and furniture, but whole walls of buildings around Los Angeles, CA with her own unique pattern layering techniques. This stencil renegade throws out all the “rules” when it comes to stenciling and combining patterns. The result is an inspiring mix of color and design that defies definition and convention and invites the viewer to take a deeper look.

Here’s some of the amazing and creative and eye-popping street art she has done and that can be enjoyed by the public:

Star Diamonds Wall StencilTeardrop Trellis Wall Stencil, and Hollywood Squares Wall Stencil

Primitivo Lace Wall Stencil and Raphia Graphic Wall Stencil

We especially LOVE these mixed media wall murals using the Moorish Trellis Wall Stencil layered with paint and vintage wallpapers underneath.

Celeste has been commissioned for many commercial projects in the Los Angeles area ranging from restaurants, salons, offices, and galleries. The outer wall of trendy kebab eatery Spitz is filled with her eye-popping amalgamation of texture and color. Inside, her colorful aesthetic continues with a patchwork of patterns stenciled on reclaimed wood tables and mismatched painted chairs with exposed metal.

This colorful business building with Celeste’s signature stenciled walls looks like it would be found at the end of a rainbow. She used paint colors from all over the spectrum and the Anisa Embroidery Wall Stencil to turn otherwise boring and dingy exterior walls into an artistic adventure.

Art is another way to bring community together in thought, reflection, and emotion. Celeste took this idea and ran with it at Yogurt Haven creating and art-filled community table for customers to gather and socialize around while enjoying both visual and tasty offerings.

Celeste created this colorful statement piece using a variety of Furniture Stencils to stage an open house. People touring the open house immediately fell in love with the dresser and someone bought it on the spot even though it wasn’t intended for sale!

Donatella Damask StencilLisboa Tile Stencil, and Spanish Lace Stencil

Stenciled concrete is another one of Celeste’s specialties. Everyone wants an entry that welcomes guests and shows off a bit of personality and warmth. Celeste helped her clients with this very dilemma by combing stencils to create a custom stenciled rug right on the concrete!

Chez Ali Moroccan StencilAnisa Embroidery Damask StencilHollywood Squares StencilTangier Lattice Moroccan StencilTeardrop Trellis StencilModern Moroccan Lace Stencil, and Anastasia Damask Tile Stencil

Stencils help disguise old, worn, or damaged floors, making them perfect for enhancing old concrete. Celeste stenciled and stained these concrete floors and made the patterns look distressed to complement the industrial feel of the space.

NOT your ordinary stencil project…  but then Celeste Korthase doesn’t

do “ordinary”! This is the Teardrop Trellis Stencil on both the walls and floor of an art studio restroom. She even made a phenomenal tile effect by spot stenciling each tile and switching up the direction of the stencil! How cool is that??

She loves the fluid curves of the Teardrop Trellis Wall Stencil so much that you can spot this pattern in a lot of her projects. The flowing pattern plays well with the opposing raw and industrial spaces she decorates. To top off the distressed and weathered look of this room, she hung additional paintings made with shredded paper.

We’re so appreciative of all the ways that Celeste uses and promotes Royal Design Studio Stencils. Her renegade style of stenciling is both inspiring and liberating!

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