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Extra, Extra! Newspapers Fall in Love with Royal Design Studios!

Extra, Extra! Recently, the head of Royal Design Studio Stencils, Melanie Royals, was interviewed on the subject of How Stencils Add Fresh Style to Any Decor by Home & Design writer Mary Beth Breckenridge and the results have gone VIRAL!  Many newspapers picked up the story, including the Charlotte Observer, West Hawaii Today, the Seattle Times and MORE! It seems like Royal Design Studio Stencils are the bigger, bolder and most fashionably fresh stencil option for DIY fashionistas and interior designers alike!  We wanted to cull a few of the great images and ideas shared on some of the newspapers to inspire you!

Stenciled Fabric Pillow with Moroccan Key Stencil from Royal Design Studio

Stenciling on pillows is such a fantastic and fun idea. The stencil patterns add such a great pop of color to the fabric and you pick the design to match your decor.  The Moroccan Key Stencil from the Allover Moroccan Stencil Collection works perfectly in blues here. The small sized was used for scale but it is also available in large for walls, floors and ceilings.

Endless Circles Lattice Stencil Feature Wall | Royal Design Studio Stencils

A wallpaper pattern look without the headaches of installation, maintenance and removal makes using allover stencils a refreshing alternative.  The black and white combination with the Endless Circles Lattice Moroccan Stencil is striking and perfect for the contemporary interior design. The best part? With stencils, you not only get the allover pattern design you love, you can always use YOUR favorite color combination. Easy peasy!

Stenciled Door Inset with Interlacing Leaves Allover Stencil | Royal Design Studio

Adding style to your home with stencils isn't just limited to walls and furniture. You can also incorporate the patterns onto ceilings, drapes, flooring and even doors!  The Interlacing Leaves Allover Stencil adds juuuust the right amount of color and design to an a-doorable surface. Isn't it just gorgeous on the door inset?! The design is part of the Allover Pattern Stencil Collection. Each stencil in the allover collections come with an easy stencil registration system which allow you to repeat these stencils across your wall perfectly every time. Gotta love that!


Medium Floral Stamp Stencil on Feature Wall | Bari J Stencil Collection by Royal Design Studio

Motif Stenciling is an excellent way to get creative with a stencil by using random placement, layered patterns and several colorations. The whimsical Floral Stamp Stencil from the Bari J Stencil Collection works perfectly in the medium size on this bedroom feature accent wall.  Each stencil comes with pattern layout suggestions and is available in small and large, too. Such a Win-Win!

We hope you've enjoyed some of these fab stencil ideas for your home -- it's always so much fun to hear from you on your stencil adventures! In fact, e-mails keep pouring in to Royal Design Studio from stencil artists all over the country who have seen the stenciling feature in their local newspapers!  One Stencilista said, "It was such a thrill to see your stencils (and you) featured so prominently in this great article! Thank you for making the world a more beautiful place, and for the hours of joy and inspiration that your stencils, [sister stencil line] Modello® Designs, books and virtual workshops have given me!" Awwww! Can't get a better recommendation than that! 


See what other publications are smitten with Royal Design Studio Stencils!

  • What can we say? Royal Design Studio slam-dunked a three-peat with DIY Magazine!

Oh, we have so much more Show-stopping Stencil press to share with you coming up! Have a stencil-rific day!

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