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A Pretty Handy Girl Stencils Stylish Scarves for Holiday Gifts


A Pretty Handy Girl Stencils Stylish Scarves as Holiday Gifts


Handmade gifts for the holidays are the best to give and to receive! We recently had a phenomenal chat about stenciled holiday presents at the Hometalk Google+ Hangout and lots of great DIY gift ideas for the holidays were shared along with some super, snazzy stencil tips.  One of the guests on the hangout was none other than our friend, Brittany, of Pretty Handy Girl.  She shared a stenciled & dyed scarves project that had us swooning over how chic and easy-to-create they were.

Stenciled Stylish Scarves as Holiday Gifts | Royal Design Studio

First thing that Brittany did is gather her supplies, which included Rit Dye and both our Small Peacock Fancy Stencil and the Small Printed Indian Paisley Damask Stencil. Both are from our Furniture Stencils Collection and so they are perf for small crafts and projects. Brittany likes to share ideas on how to be thrifty while still making quality gifts and so she suggested purchasing low-cost white scarves and dyeing those as opposed to the more expensive colored scarves available. Great thing about stenciling is that it works well on both surfaces!


Stenciled Scarves with Peacock Fancy Stencil from Royal Design Studio


When stenciling on fabric, it's best to keep the surface as taut and stationary as possible.  In fact, take a look at our Fabric Stenciling Basics for some good key tips.  If using an allover design like Brittany was, the registration marks make it easy peasy to continue your chosen stencil design flawlessly.  Of course, if there are areas on the stencil that you wish to block from the fabric, you can simply tape over them before stenciling!


Painting Details on Stenciled Scarf | Peacock Fancy Stencil from Royal Design Studio


With a stencil design, you can also have artistic freedom! Once the pattern is stenciled, take an artist brush and hand paint another color in a standout area of the stencil design.  Here, Brittany used a shimmery gold metallic to accent the eye of the Peacock Fancy Stencil design while keeping the quill and plumules a soft white.


A Pretty Handy Girl Stencils Stylish Scarves as Holiday Gifts

How fantastic do they look??  It's the perfect gift idea for the fashion-forward in your life and it is genuinely one-of-a-kind.  Please be sure to check Brittany's Stenciled and Dyed Scarves tutorial as she also shares the process for creating an ombre look with the dyes. PLUS! We have a bonus for you... 



Remember that Hometalk Hangout we mentioned with the fab stencil ideas and holiday inspiration?  If you missed it, you can now see the recording and our own Creative Director and stencil guru Melanie Royals showing you a great canvas art project along with a stenciled stocking project from Jesse of Scout & Nimble and Brittany from Pretty Handy Girl showing you more of this very project.  NOT one to miss!  We hope this inspires you to create gifts from the heart and made by your capable hands!  Until next time, Stencilistas!


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