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DIY Stencil Challenge

Here at Royal Design Studio we are ALWAYS up for a stencil challenge! So, when the DIY craft challenge site, Craftbaby, asked us to sponsor a stencil challenge for their creative audience to encourage them to enter their favorite stencil projects for a chance to win a $100 stencil gift certificate, we said "heck YEAH"! The Stencil Challenge DIY a Stencil received a record number of entries, and, as always it was super fun to see how our customers put our stencil patterns to good use on walls and furniture. We couldn't feature them all here, so be sure to visit the Craftbaby site for ALL the great stencil entries. Also, be sure to check out this interview with Melanie Royals on the site to get a little insight into our history and approach to stencil designing!

Ornamental flowers wall stencils

Decorative artist Julie Zouzounis entered a wall stenciling project with a twist! She combined our fun Ornamental Flower Wall Stencil with the Small Florentine Scrolls Stencils to create a unique random pattern on the walls of an elegant bedroom. Her twist was to use gold frames to accent the stenciled wall art just above the bed. Such a clever idea that could be used with inexpensive, repurposed thrift store frames (simply spray paint them all the same color) any number of stencils from our Wall Art Stencil Collection.!

furniture stencil project with classic stencils 

Melanie Link, a decorative artist from Arizona, used our lovely Toulouse Stencil with an embossed stencil finish for this dresser "updo". Stencil Embossing is where you trowel a textural medium or plaster through a single layer stencil to create a raised effect. It's a super easy way to add another level of dimension to your stencil projects and it's perfect for furniture, as you can see.

wall stencils in a nursery 

Proud new Grandmother Julie Young shared her love for her new baby granddaughter by stenciling a lavender and white flower garden on her nursery walls. Our Japanese Flower Garden stencil set is ideal to use as a nursery stencil, and anywhere else you want to create a whimsical wall. The set of 5 different flowers allows you go "grow" your garden as you wish. Stencil just a few on a wall, or repeat them many times. It's fun to introduce different colors into the flower centers, and this is easy to do when you stencil with different sizes of stencil brushes, because they allow you to easily limited the application of color into the areas you wish.

Moroccan wall stencil for wallpaper look

It's hard to believe that this was the first wall stencil project that new stenciler Anya did and now she says she's obsessed with her wall. You can be similarly obsessed, and can easily create this great feature wall treatment for yourself using our Chez Sheik Moroccan wall stencil and Antique Gold Stencil Creme. We recommend using our large 2" stencil brush to get the the project done fast! The combination of stencil brush and stencil cremes allows you to stencil the gold color in just one coat with little to no paint seepage.

damask stencils with stripes

Here's a great idea for a different way to approach a damask stencil wall treatment from Dee Cunningham of Deelite Design. Dee used the Acanthus Damask wall stencil just in every other row of painted stripes for a dramatic wallpaper effect. Use painter's tape of the same or different widths to mask of the vertical stripes. Then paint or apply metallic plaster in between. Use a slightly lighter or darker color to stencil every other stripe before removing the tape. The most time-consuming part of this project will be measuring and taping off the stripes!

Shabby chic furniture stencil

Looking for a quick paint and stencil project? Debbie Cooper of Round the Coop teaches, sell and uses Chalk Paint™ decorative paint. Because Chalk Paint can be painted over most previously finished surfaces without sanding, stripping, or priming, Debbie says she was able to paint AND stencil this adorable dresser with our Scrollallover Stencil in only 45 minutes!


ALL of these stencil projects, and the rest of the projects entered the contest were winners-and we really appreciate all the entries and LOVE seeing your stencil projects! Of course, there could only be one winner, chosen randomly, and that winner was.......The Nova Trellis wall stencil project from Michelle at Decor and the Dog. The combination of allover stenciling and architectural molding that Michelle used here completely transformed his ordinary powder room into a classy, custom showplace. What a great project and congratulations to Michelle on winning the Craftbaby Stencil Challenge!

As you know, we LOVE sharing your Royal Design Studio stencil projects here on our Stencil Ideas Blog, Facebook Page and Pinterest  Stencil Boards! Please don't be shy! Share YOUR project by posting to our Facebook Page or emailing your photos to

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  • the Nova Trellis stencil is perfect!

  • Hi! I am new to your blog and I love all the amazing stencil designs you have! Right now I have a couple projects in mind for a chevron pattern so I really love that you have a stencil for that!

    Summer Hansen

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