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Easy Stencil Ideas with Paint, Peel & Stick Canvas™

Have you ever had the frustrating experience of trying to stencil a pretty pattern in an awkward space or recessed area? We feel you! We know how hard it is sometimes to push that stencil into a corner and get a clean look, or to try to twist your body into an uncomfortable position to paint. We’re always on the hunt to make our creative lives easier and we’re so happy to share our new Paint, Peel & Stick Canvas™ to solve these and other stenciling dilemmas.  This is a premium paintable canvas with a BIG plus!

Simply cut it to the size you need. Then paint and stencil it in the colors and patterns of your choice. Then, peel off the protective backing to expose the revolutionary adhesive that sticks like a charm almost anywhere. It’s the perfect solution for custom painted pattern on recessed cabinet and furniture panels, stair risers, the backs of bookcases and more! AND it's easily removable and repositionable, so if you decide you want to change to a different look, you can! You can even repaint it and start over. It’s available by the yard and in a 54” width to accommodate almost any size project.

We’ve already created some great projects with it, and this is just the beginning, so read on and watch all of our inspiring how to videos.

5 Easy Stencil Ideas with Paint, Peel & Stick Canvas from Royal Design Studio

It can be pretty difficult to fit a stencil into the corners and crevices of cabinet doors and trays, but with Paint, Peel & Stick Canvas™ you can easily measure and cut the amount of canvas you need, stencil the canvas, and perfect apply the painted canvas onto the area. This way you don’t have to stencil directly onto the furniture piece. Our Lisabetta Damask Stencil and Mediterranean Tile Stencil Set on this cabinet and tray look so professional! Goodbye stencil bleeding or hard-to-stencil corners! Hello crisp, clean stenciled decor!

5 Easy Stencil Ideas with Paint, Peel & Stick Canvas from Royal Design Studio

Stop wasting your money at expensive stores… you could be saving money by stenciling your way to truly custom furniture that your friends will envy. You can easily stencil onto our Paint, Peel & Stick Canvas™ with the patterns and colors you love and give a dresser or cabinet a face lift. In this DIY project, we used our Moroccan Tile and Mediterranean Tile Stencil Sets on our revolutionary canvas to create a trendy boho chic look that stops guests in their tracks. There’s no need to spend a lot of money on style – you just need the right tools and we have them! Watch the video above and read the full DIY tutorial to see how.

5 Easy Stencil Ideas with Paint, Peel & Stick Canvas from Royal Design Studio

Our Paint, Peel & Stick Canvas™ is the perfect way to make painting pattern and stenciled style on stair risers easy, affordable, and removable! Stenciling stairs is usually an awkward process of painting in uncomfortable positions and angles, but with the canvas you can save your back (and wallet!) and skip straight to stenciled stair style! Watch the video above and read the full DIY tutorial using our Moroccan Tile Stencil Set to see how you can recreate this look in your own home.

5 Easy Stencil Ideas with Paint, Peel & Stick Canvas from Royal Design Studio

Because our Paint, Peel & Stick Canvas® can be removed and replaced, you can decorate and redecorate with other stenciled styles. We changed up these stenciled stairs to include bolder colors for a fun spring-time look. You can change up your décor every season, occasion, or whenever you fancy a makeover! Now that opens up a LOT of pattern possibilities...


Get all the stenciling tools you need to make your next project fast, easy, and gorgeous! Shop our Royal Stencil Cremes and Royal Stencil Brushes and browse more Stencil Ideas to help you get started. Happy Stenciling!

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