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Très Bon Stencil Style for a Guest Bedroom Headboard!

Decorating a Guest Bedroom with Stencils | Large Fabric Damask Stencil by Royal Design Studio


Today we take a look at a genius way to use an allover stencil pattern and paint to create an elegant custom headboard-right on the wall! The project was for a guest bedroom, but can easily translate for use in a master bedroom or for a fun kids bedroom, too! Stenciled headboards are a perfect way to play with pattern and color by adding a playful pop of color, a shimmery metallic sheen or tone-on-tone neutrals in a space that's not overwhelming in size.  Liz at Bon Temps Beignet created a stunning high headboard with a stencil pattern from our Allover Damask Collection on her color-blocked wall. What a beautiful focal point in her guest bedroom!  There are many headboard style options in furniture stores, but why not create something custom and unique? We hope you find yourself inspired by this easy, elegant project!


Creating a Color Block on Wall for a Headboard


Stenciling with Metallic Paints | Large Fabric Damask by Royal Design Studio


Using a Damask Stencil for a Feature Wall | Royal Design Studio

Liz had previously painted a solid coordinating color on the wall that was perfectly sized to set off the bed. Unfortunately, she stared at it for months as she couldn't decide how to fill up what was now looking like rather sparse.  As soon as she spied the the Large Fabric Damask Stencil, she knew stenciling the color blocked area was the perfect idea to add style and interest. Using the Evening Slipper color by Ralph Lauren, she rolled on the metallic paint after leveling and taping the stencil pattern.  Liz also used the registration marks on the stencil to easily find her place time and again and continue the pattern throughout the solid block of color.  Please be sure to see her stenciled damask wall project post for the full details.

Guest Bedroom Stenciled Wall | Royal Design Studio Stencils | Project by Bon Temps Beignet

Damask Stenciled Wall | Royal Design Studio Stencils | Project by Bon Temps Beignet

We love how the metallic paints shift and shimmer as you walk along the guest bedroom!  The stencil pattern against the wall colors looks so sophisticated. Liz's color block design shows that you don't have to spend a lot of time stenciling to transform a room and make it impactful. The stenciled headboard idea is also a fantastic inspiration for a rental home as you can stencil a large sheet of fabric, wood or a medium-density fiberboard (MDF) to create a similar look! We hope you've enjoyed this stencil project and we thank Liz for sharing it.  Be sure to come by our Facebook fan page or Pinterest boards to share your projects, too!
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  • Where can i find this stencil? Tres bon?


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