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Embellished Stenciling Ideas with Bari J Stencil Collection

Are you ready for some NEW and unique stencil ideas that will take your stencil projects to the next dimension?? Well, we have 4 super cute and crafty ways for you to dress up your stencils with scrap booking embellishments you can find in your craft closet (or room, if you're lucky!) and at your local craft store. Each of these 4 stencil project ideas feature stencils from the Bari J Collection. Bari J also happens to design whimsical fabric collections for the quilt and craft market-so her stencil designs seemed a great fit for these clever additions.

Embellishing a chandelier wall stencil with self-adhesive glass beads. Fun, easy way to add some bling to your stencils. Dressing Room Chandelier stencil | Royal Design Studio

First up! Did you know how easy it is to bling up a stencil simply by sticking on some self-adhesive, half-round glass and frosty beads? We found these in the perfect size in the scrapbook section (on sale!) at Michael's. You simply peel them off the waxed paper backing and affix them to the wall. They are even removable and re-stickable, so you can't make a mistake and you can remove them at any time. 

We stenciled the Dressing Room Chandelier stencil over a background of Valspar 178909 (Green Water) in a focal group of three using Royal Stencil Creme paint colors: Smoked Oyster, Aged Nickel and Pearl Oyster. To make the lighter Pearl Oyster color pop, we used a Drop Shadow Stencil Technique and stenciled first with Aged Nickel Stencil Creme, and then again with Pearl Oyster Stencil Creme after a slight stencil shift. The third chandelier was simply stenciled with Smoked Oyster Stencil Creme. And there you have an easy, fun, and fabulous stencil project you can do in under 2 hours!

Dress Form Stenclls from Bari J stencil collection all dressed up with glued on notions from the scrapbooking section. Fun project from Royal Design Studio 

Second, we have a mixed media stencil project idea that would be ideal for your sewing or little girl's room. Rather than stencil the main body of the dress form, we used the stencil as a pattern to cut our Bari J fabrics that were stiffened with Mod Podge Stiffy Fabric Stiffener. A firm spritz of spray adhesive holds the fabric in place and then get out your glue gun to add buttons, ribbons, cameos and other delightful accents. See Stencil How to: Playing Dress-Up with Stencils for all the low down on dressing up the Sew Fun Dress Form stencil!

Stencil with pattern on pattern using the Splendor Damask wall stencil by Bari J for Royal Design Studio. Fun and easy stamp technique is a great way to dress up your stencils! 

Next, a stencil embellishing idea sure to get your stamp of approval (yes, it's OK to roll your eyes on that one). After using a Stencil Roller to roll out an allover pattern-like the Splendor Damask Wall Stencil, for instance, you simply stamp in the pattern of your choice. Look for words or quotes stamps for the best effect, or choose some musical notes like we show here. See the Stencil How-to: Stamping the Splendor Damask Stencil for all the easy info on this one.

Super cute and spiffed up Parlor Chair stencils make an adorable wall stencil project. Stencil small allover patterns in the chair cushions for a custom look-from Royal Design Studio

And last, but certainly not least we feature some stencil-on-stencil action with the pretty Parlor Chair stencil. We chose a bright color palette and some pretty petite stencil patterns from our Furniture Stencil Collection. Pull up a patterned chair and check out the Stencil How-to: Patterned Parlor Chairs for all the step-by-step details!

OK, before you head off to the craft store, here are a few more links you might want to check out!

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