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Stencils, Dressers & Drawers, Oh My!

Today's focus is on sharing fun and fabulous DIY furniture stencil projects! Stenciling on furniture is easy peasy and the best way to add a custom, creative touch to your paint furniture projects. You can use any size stencil for furniture stenciling, of course, but the smaller scale of our furniture stencils makes them ideal for furniture painting. In this post, we are featuring two of the most popular furniture areas to stencil: Drawers and Doors! So gather up your Royal Design Studio Stencils, stencil creme paints and stencil brushes because we've rounded up some inventive stencil ideas to inspire you to create your own custom furniture masterpiece!

Stenciling Dresser Drawers with Royal Design Studio Stencils

Customer Candice Pujol happily shared the dresser drawers she stenciled with the French Bee Trellis from the Allover Damask Stencils Collection. This stencil design is a great one for stenciling right across a bank of drawers to visually connect them. A+ for Stenciling!

Candice used our Royal Stencil Creme paints-which are SOOO perfectly for stenciling anywhere-but especially on furniture. The Stencil Cremes dry very quickly, generally cover in one coat, and come in a yummy range of colors. Besides using them for stenciling, did you know that they are also perfect for dry brushing over raised and carved areas to accent them or for picking out edge details? They are super durable but you can also then wax or topcoat right over them.

Dresser Stenciled with Two Layer Stencil Impressions Technique | Royal Design Studio Stencils | Artist: Antje Zwink

On the Royal Design Studio Facebook fan page, we frequently feature Stencil Stars -- amazing projects by creative artists, DIYers and talented customers. Antje Zwink's stenciled dresser is no exception! Instead of an allover design, Antje chose to balance and layer singular motifs from the Small Paisley Stencil Impressions Set in a fun color scheme and unexpected arrangement. We love the layered look of the stencils on the large door. The Stencil Impressions Collection are a 2-layer stencil system that include a silhouette detail layer that allow you to take stenciling to new levels. In fact, we have a fun, inexpensive Stencil Impressions Virtual Workshop that showcases the many innovative and custom techniques you can accomplish with this unique stencil system.

Embossed Stencil on Cabinet Doors | Royal Design Studio Stencils | Project by Janis Steward

Janis from All Things Beautiful added dimension to her furniture doors by embossing the Micah Classic Panel & Furniture Stencil with plaster. She then painted the furniture piece and aged it with glaze. It now looks like expensive carved wood detail on cabinetry. Gorgeous!  Be sure not to miss her how to emboss furniture DIY blog post and also see the How To Stencil Emboss tips right here on our website! This is a stencil look that only LOOKS hard, and it's a technique that puts your stencil projects a cut above-literally. Try stencil embossing on other surfaces like  frames, headboards, ceiling fan blades, and even put embossed stenciling on walls!

Stenciling on Cabinet Door Fronts with an Allover Stencil by Royal Design Studio | Project by Decorate with a Little Bit 


Liz from Decorate with a Little Bit stenciled her cabinet doors with the Wicker Stencil from the Allover Japanese Stencils Collection. What a difference a little color and pattern makes! She detailed the process in her wet bar cabinet stencil project post. Stenciling on small recessed areas like cabinet door panels can be a bit challenging as you have to push the stencil in at all the edges, and it can difficult to get a clean look. An alternative to stenciling directly on the doors would be to cut some heavy canvas or thin select finish plywood panels to the correct size. Paint to match, then stencil on them BEFORE affixing to your cabinet door panels.

Fun and Funky Dresser with Multiple Stencil Patterns | Project by Joanie Valenti | Royal Design Studio Stencils 


Artist Joanie Valenti went all out STENCIL for a dresser she found kicked to the curb.  What a score!! This dresser had the last laugh as she was all dressed up with an assortment of stencil patterns that made her the prettiest and most personable furniture piece on the block. The stencils (from top to bottom) are: Camel Bone Weave Moroccan Stencil, Scallops Allover, Arabesque Border Stencil and the Chez Sheik Moroccan Stencil. A couple things to keep in mind for this type of furniture stencil project: Choose stencil patterns that relate to each other somehow (vibe, style, motif, etc) but ALSO use patterns of different scales so that they have some contrast and provide more interest. Also use a limited color palette to keep things from getting TOO crazy. Check out this recent stenciled dresser project we did here at our studio to see what we mean

Faded and Worn Painted Cabinet with Stencils and Chalk Paint decorative paint | Royal Design Studio  

One can also create a serene, lovely piece with the right colors and design.  On this cabinet, the Delicate Floral Panel A Stencil from the Classic Panel Stencils Collection makes a beautiful choice for stenciling the doors. The stencil is super versatile and can be sized accordingly -- for instance, here it is doubled up to create an elongated pattern. You can easily use both the Pure White Chalk Paint® and Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan to paint and stencil the furniture piece as well.

We hope you've enjoyed these stenciled drawers and stenciled door ideas! Don't forget to check out How to Stencil Furniture area on the Royal Design Studio website to see our Top 10 Tips for Furniture Stenciling along with other fun tutorials. We'd love to see what YOU have been up to with our stencils as well. Please feel free to send project pics anytime to projects(at) Have an inspired day!

Here are more Stenciled Furniture Ideas for YOUR projects!


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