Insta-Glam Your Home Decor the Fast Way

Insta-Glam Your Home Decor the Fast Way

The quickest and most affordable way to instant glamification is here! Royal Design Studio Stencils and paint give you that instant glam you've been looking for in a snap. Within a single afternoon or weekend, you can paint a glamorous pattern on your wall or floor. See below some of our fav stencil projects we found tagged on @royalstencils...

Instagram makes it look like everyone is decorating their homes in a blink of an eye (or a click of a like!), but is it really that easy? The quickest and most affordable way to instant glamification is here! Royal Design Studio Stencils and paint give you that instant glam you've been looking for in a snap. Within a single afternoon or weekend, you can paint a glamorous pattern on your wall or floor. See below some of our fav stencil projects we found tagged on @royalstencils and #royaldesignstudio. Make sure to tag your insta-glam stencil project so we can share it :)

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“Ahhhhh it’s done and I just LOVE IT! This is the You’re A Star Tile Allover Stencil from Royal Design Studio Stencils. It’s just so pretty. I love how vibrant this feels now and the colors couldn’t have worked out better. I love the power of paint and stencils!! What do you think?” - @designsbyashleyknie


“I am so excited to show you guys my newly refreshed bathroom! It was so blah looking and just really needed a facelift so I stenciled the floors with the Havana Tile Stencil from Royal Design Studio Stencils. I’m so happy with how it turned out.” - @thistle.harvest 

“A Sunday well spent brings a week of content. Shout out to Royal Design Studio Stencils and the Island Dreams Tile Stencil for making my porch dreams come true today!” - @tamihallman

“Guys, it’s done! I present to you our outdoor oasis! We had the idea to create an outdoor seating area to spend time outside, enjoy the outdoors, and get out of the house. With everything happening in the world and Covid keeping us indoors, it is important to create a space you can come out and feel like you’re somewhere else. I call this space my outdoor jungle... We used the original concrete slab for outdoor seating. Less money to spend to build a full-on deck and less work as well. I painted it with the Step Up Triangle Stencil. Royal Design Studio Stencils are the best invention to do a low cost DIY! So easy, and bam! You have a whole new floor! I can’t wait to spend evenings in a space we thoughtfully created and make memories.” - @carlanatalia__

“I am excited to say the porch refresh is done! I wanted to do this project on a budget. I was able to keep the cost down with the Onward Tile Floor Stencil from Royal Design Studio Stencils. Never underestimate the power of paint, people! The stenciled floor is definitely the star of the show and I am in love with how it turned out.” - @oak.and.pine

“Ahhhh I’m obsessed with how my backyard refresh turned out! This project has been my favorite one yet, mostly because it’s been the project that gotten me out of my creative funk. These past few months have shown me the importance of loving the space you’re in and being grateful for the moments you create in them.” - @bowhousedesign painted her cement pavers with the Star Quilt Tile Stencil

Something sunny and stenciled for you today! @paygepriscilla painted her concrete porch floor with our Maison Floral Tile Stencil and WOW!!

@preppybohemianhome originally used the Cheetah Spots Wall Stencil in this dinner room but on a dark blue wall. She loved it but decided to switch it up and stencil is again but this time in a lighter color scheme. Because stenciling is just paint, it is easy to change – just paint over it :)

“I get the warm and fuzzy looking at my porch now. I couldn’t be more pleased. I had to power wash those tiles 3 times, they were so dirty. Then I painted them white and stenciled with the Lisboa Tile Stencil and two different colors.” - @thewanderingdre

“Ta da! I bought Peel, Stick, and Paint Canvas from Royal Design Studio Stencils that is perfect for decorating stairs. Totally removable and made it very easy instead of stenciling directly onto the risers. I also used their Moroccan Tile Stencils Set. They have a great video tutorial on their website.” - @beckyknitsinloco

Crushing over @katie_convertino’s stenciled porch! She followed the tutorials on Royal Design Studio’s website and used the Ranae Geometric Floral Stencil and it turned out perfectly! Let her know how much you love it too! 

“Inspired by the colonial tiled floors of Trinidad, Cuba, we stenciled our back porch this weekend to bring a piece of it into our home. We can’t wait to sip mojitos and spend quality time in this space. We used the Anatolia Tile Floor Stencil from Royal Design Studio.” - @jenniferprophet

“This decorative wall finish is a custom created finish with sparkle plaster as the first layer and then a faded distressed white stenciling (Damascus Allover Wall Stencil) over the top. 😍 it is by far my favorite finish I created lately - so stunning in person - can see it sparkle as you move around the bathroom.” - @divinedesignbytracey

“This ceiling was painted with colorwash faux, then stenciled with the Diamond Trellis Stencil, then added crystal nailheads! No one should leave this space plain - it’s asking for attention let’s give it attention!” - @divinedesignbytracey

“I stenciled my porch with this beautiful Herringbone Brick Floor Stencil from Royal Design Studio. This was my first stenciling project and it looks pretty good! Such a fun way to transform a space.” - @designsbyashleyknie

@thehousewarmings used layers of Burgundy and Scandinavian Pink Chalk Paint and the Supernova Tile Paint Stencil to update a piece of furniture into a work of art!

“This midcentury modern dresser was a fun one! Refinished wood combined with a trendy Tribal Batik Furniture Paint Stencil from Royal Design Studio.” - @redhead_refinishings

“She’s done! Our vintage bathroom refresh in all of her glory!” - @paygeprescilla used the Floral Fireworks Wall Painting Stencil to makeover her bathroom.

“I was sick of buying doormats after they got ruined in the rain, so I decided to stencil one instead! It was so fun and pretty easy to do!” - @taralynnmcnitt used concrete paint and Hexagon Tile Floor Stencil from Royal Design Studio to spell anything she wanted... which made her feel right at home. 

Crushing on this stencil project done by @thehousewarmings using the Bagru Block Print Wall Stencil from Royal Design Studio.

 “I stenciled the tiles with the Calypso Tile Floor Stencil from Royal Design Studio Stencils and I couldn’t be happier with how it complements the space! It gave this tiny bathroom so much life! Proof that a small space can pack a big punch.” - @candycoloredhome 

"My favorite space in the house. Co-created with people I love." - @kaylaleber painted a beautiful custom floor with the Bird’s Eye Ikat Tile Stencil.

“I used the Protective Eyes Wall Stencil for my living room wall. I am so amazed by the great quality of the wall stencil and by how easy it was to use. I am in love with the results.” - @brandi_.nicole

“The moral to this story us mostly any person can create an artsy thing of beauty through trial and error and going in your own direction as the flow takes you. I’m not a decorative painter. This is the first wall treatment I’ve attempted. And most of all, have fun for crying out loud!” - @thebeigeblues painted her pink wall with the Moroccan Scallops Wall Stencil for a pink mermaid fish scale wall pattern.

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