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Say I DO to Stencils- Martha DID!

An industry guru in home and lifestyle decor, domestic goddess Martha Stewart recently featured a lovely wedding stencil idea with Royal Design Studio Stencils in the Spring 2013 issue of the Martha Stewart Weddings magazine. Many wedding planners and DIY brides look for extraordinary design ideas to not only create a memorable reception, but to create a custom ceremony space as well. Inspiring concepts for creating both unique and themed wedding ceremonies were featured using various decor elements, including stencils and stenciled fabric. 

Martha Stewart Weddings shows how to create beautiful wedding ceremonies and features Royal Design Studio Stencils








Among the several wedding ideas, a sweet ceremony reflecting the freshness and fragrance of an well-tended and beautiful citrus grove was showcased.  Beautiful blues and whites along with the greens and orange of fresh potted calamandin trees brought a plein air feel to the wedding space.  For the aisle runner, the Large Florence Tile Wall Stencil from the Tile Stencils Collection was stenciled onto a swath of linen with ultramarine and cobalt blue acrylic paints. The fantastic article shows you how to create a lovely wedding ceremony space but of course the creative inspiration can be used during any event or special occasion!

 Large Florence Tile Wall Stencil by Royal Design Studio

 Royal Design Studio's Florence Tile Wall Stencil on linen as an aisle floor runner in a wedding ceremony | Featured in Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine

This simple, elegant and budget-friendly creative stenciled linen project will be a hit at any wedding or special occasion since you can alter the stencil pattern, fabric and colors easily to coordinate with the event's theme. Stenciling on fabric is an easy technique to learn and you can always refer to the Fabric Stenciling Basics and the several How to Stencil on Fabric tutorials by Royal Design Studio.  Be sure to see our gallery of other great stencils and stencil supplies to help make your next event event memorable! Salud!

Here are other ideas to help your special occasions look their very Stencil best!



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