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Modern Foyer Decorating Idea with Wall Stencils

Looking for decorating change of pace? Tasha of Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body definitely was… Her foyer was beige, blah, and BORING. Can you relate? She finally said enough was enough and began planning out her foyer transformation. She wanted more color and bold pattern so a Modern Stencil from Royal Design Studio was the first choice that popped into her head. Her longtime love for Royal Design Studio stencils can also be seen in her kitchen where she stenciled a beautiful floor that she is crazy is love with.

Modern Foyer Decorating Idea with Wall Stencils - Royal Design Studio

Tasha wanted to keep the graphic pattern trend going in her foyer makeover and she wanted a stencil that is big, bold, and beautiful! She says, “Y’all know I love color and pattern, right?  So it should be no big surprise that I am a BIG fan of stencils.  They can completely transform a wall without the commitment of wallpaper.”

Modern Foyer Decorating Idea with Wall Stencils - Royal Design Studio

She immediately fell in love with the Contempo Trellis Wall Stencil, a large graphic pattern that would mimic expensive wallpaper without the headache and wallet-ache. Instead of using only one color for the stencil design, she decided to add a bit more personality with a blue hue and pops of red on a white background. She says, “I am 100% in love with it and it makes a HUGE impact for a tiny amount of money. Plus, if I ever change my mind, I don’t have to remove any wallpaper!” That’s right! Wall stencils are easy to change up – she would only have to paint over it, rather than strip and ruin her walls. Too cool!

Modern Foyer Decorating Idea with Wall Stencils - Royal Design Studio

After a few short hours she now has an entry what welcomes guests with a bold “Hello!”  Even after seeing the accent wall up close and personal, we are still amazed that this stylish, modern accent wall is stenciled! Have your guests had a similar reaction – they can’t believe that your stenciled room isn’t decorated with wallpaper or professionally done? We’d love to see how you used our wall stencils within your home! Email us at, share them on our Facebook Page, or you can even Instagram your projects and tag us with #royaldesignstudio.

Modern Foyer Decorating Idea with Wall Stencils - Royal Design Studio

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  • Absolutely WOW!!!!!

  • I love Navy, so everything here works for me. The stencil looks beautiful and the pops of red are just the right accent. Well done.


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