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Make Your Home Modern or Moroccan with this Lace Stencil

You can turn to the same stencil to create the exotic or contemporary look that you’ve always wanted. Our Modern Moroccan Lace Wall Stencil adds a bold lace pattern that can embody either global or modern design. Its design is very versatile too. You can easily adapt this intricate wall stencil from our Moroccan Stencils Collection to your own taste simply by stenciling it in a color palette that suits your personal decorating style.  Let’s take a look at how different paint color schemes each brings out a unique flavor to this ornate stencil pattern.

4 DIY Decor Ideas - Make Your Home Modern or Moroccan with these Lace Stencils from Royal Design Studio

Do you have a room in your house that has just been taking forever to get where you want it? C’mon Get Crafty knew just the solution to her dining room design rut – a stenciled accent wall! She chose our Modern Moroccan Lace Wall Stencil and Modern Masters Snowflake Metallic Paint to stencil over a deep navy blue wall. She says, “The wonderful people at Royal Design Studio are all about customer service, and their advice had my project moving swiftly along.” And it came out perfectly! What a chic dining room makeover!

4 DIY Decor Ideas - Make Your Home Modern or Moroccan with these Lace Stencils from Royal Design Studio

DIY On the Cheap says, "I’ve always loved the idea of stenciled walls, because you can get the look of wallpaper without the hassle of removing it later. When you’re tired of the pattern, you can simply paint over it with another stencil design." We couldn't agree more! She chose a white tone on tone color scheme that lightened up the small space. Matte and gloss sheens of the same color paint create a subtle stencil pattern and relaxing look. If she ever wants a different styled bathroom, she can always change it up again with a bit of paint!

4 DIY Decor Ideas - Make Your Home Modern or Moroccan with these Lace Stencils from Royal Design Studio

Over here at our studio, we couldn’t make up our minds about the color that we wanted for our Modern Moroccan Lace Stenciled accent wall. We were intrigued about what this stencil would look like in red and in blue, so we decided to try out both! As you can see, the décor and color scheme can make this stencil pattern either exotic or contemporary. What look would you want to stencil?


We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing how the trendy Modern Moroccan Lace Wall Stencil can transform a room in different ways with a simple variation of color combinations. If you’ve used our Moroccan Stencils in your home, we’d love to see your project outcome! Email us at or post to our Facebook Page. We want to share your beautiful stencil projects with our readers! 

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