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Closets with Chic Stencil Style!

 Great stencil ideas for stenciling closets with stencils from Royal Design Studio

Stenciling a drab closet might be the best way to punch up its interior! Imagine if your guests suddenly opened the foyer closet and a sweet, cheery color and pattern greeted them? The same could be said for a personal closet -- walking into an uplifting, patterned space might just set your day perfectly. Or, completely stencil and transform a closet into an office or playroom? We've rounded-up some great ideas by a few wonderful Royal Design Studio stencil fans to help you add a little stencil style in an unexpected place!

Glam Stenciling on Closet Wall | Peacock Fancy Stencil by Royal Design Studio

Apartment Therapy featured Tanya Lacourse's fashionable closet make-over where she stenciled the walls with the Large Peacock Fancy Stencil in a gold metallic over a soft Tiffany blue! Tanya had a bit of a time waiting for the paint she used to dry while stenciling -- we recommend using the Royal Stencil Cremes Paints for super easy stenciling with fast drying and no smudges.

Transform a Closet with Stencils! Royal Design Studio shares great ideas for creating a closet with fab stencil style.

Adrienne from Freetime Frolics had a "crazy unorganized, dark and blah" closet to tackle. With our Casbah Trellis Moroccan Stencil in hand, she was inspired to do some organizing and refurbishing by adding lights, storage space and yes, a beautifully stenciled feature wall! Instead of dreading going into her closet now, Adrienne shares that she just wants sit on the floor and enjoy the beauty! Stencil Success!

Close Nook to Play Room - Fancy Frugal Life Designed a Fun space for kids with paint and stencils | Royal Design Studio

Lina from Fancy Frugal Life took a look at a closet nook near her kitchen and decided to create a darling play and reading area for her kids! Isn't that such a creative idea? She add happiness and color to the space by stenciling one of the walls with the Small Endless Moorish Circles Stencil and a bright color -- what an adorable stencil project!

Chevron Stencil Pattern on Closet Walls | Royal Desig Studio

A fabulous customer shared their stenciled closet wall with us featuring the Modern Chevron Stencil from the Allover Modern Stencils Collection. What a lovely stencil surprise awaits beyond the door -- even the kitty wants to be nearby!

Fun Stenciled Closet for Little Girls | Project by Proper Hunt and Rockin' Roses Damask Stencil by Royal Design Studio

Stencil Chic! Christina from the Proper Hunt blog had a glam stenciled closet wall project featured on the Sadie + Stella blog! We love how she used the Rockin' Roses Damask from our Allover Floral Stencils Collection to add a modern flower stencil design to her daughter's closet. The whole project took her four hours and she estimates that "someone who is not 34 weeks pregnant could do it in less time". She loved it so much that she said it was better than the wallpaper she had originally envisioned! Now that's Stencil Style!

Turning a Closet into an Office Space with Paint and Stencils | Project by Sew Dang Cute | Royal Design Studio Stencils

Allover Stencil Pattern in Closet | Royal Design Studio

Isn't this an incredible Before & After? Stencil cutie Tam from Sew Dang Cute transformed a closet into an office for a friend and used a fresh color scheme along with our Tailfeathers Allover Stencil from our Allover Damask Stencils Collection.  What a perfect solution if you have limited space -- and better yet, make it a beautiful space to spend time in!

Have we inspired you yet to stencil in unexpected spaces? :) It doesn't take much to have a closet with stencil style -- you might not even want to put anything back in too soon!  Have an inspired day, Stencilistas!

Oh, you'd like MORE Stencil Ideas? We're here to help!

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  • Hi Jaiden,
    We have a lot of options on how to make your closet look fabulous through stencils, but I think the Container Store or some place similar would be a good fit in helping you design the transformation of your closet into your small design area.

    We have a lot of ways to stencil your closet in our blog in general and of course in this article too. Which stencil was the one to inspire you?

    Katie from Royal Design Studio
  • How could you turn your closet into a small design area?


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