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Total Home Transformation: 3 Freshly Stenciled Rooms!

Are you planning or a room makeover? Maybe even multiple room makeovers? Haleigh of Consider the Peel is transforming her new home room by room and loves the results and we think you will too! Because she will be spending much of her time and energy in her kitchen, craft room, and nursery, she wanted to make sure they were beautiful to look at day in and day out. She is a lover of pattern and crafts, so stenciling these three in her home made perfect sense. Come along to see how she used stencils from Royal Design Studio to create some fresh style in these special rooms:

Total Home Transformation: 3 Freshly Stenciled Rooms You Need to See!

Total Home Transformation: 3 Freshly Stenciled Rooms You Need to See!

The kitchen is definitely one her favorite parts the new house. She loves the large open layout, the ample counter and cupboard space, and the cute window over the sink. However, it definitely needed an update! She lightened up the space with sage green painted cupboards and added vintage flower details with our Folk Flower Allover Wall Stencil.

She says, “Stenciling is actually a lot easier than one might think. Though the height of that triangle space gave me some trouble in spots, I was able to continue the pattern through the whole area.”

Total Home Transformation: 3 Freshly Stenciled Rooms You Need to See!

Total Home Transformation: 3 Freshly Stenciled Rooms You Need to See!

Haleigh had dreams of painting a patterned floor for a while and couldn’t wait to do it for her craft room makeover. She was envisioning a room that invited creativity and comfort, so giving some personality and pattern to her otherwise boring concrete floor was a must. After browsing our large array of stencils that can be used on any surface, she found and fell in love with our Asmir Triangle Stencil. This fun geometric  design is perfect for the vintage style she was decorating around.

She says, “This was my first time stenciling a floor so I was very nervous to start. I think the most important thing when it comes to stenciling is to remember to keep your brush or foam roller dry – don’t let the paint be thick or dripping. After dipping the roller in paint I simply off-loaded it back onto my tray. This is called the dry paint method. I also had a paper towel handy just in case.”

Total Home Transformation: 3 Freshly Stenciled Rooms You Need to See!

Along with her new decor, Haleigh is also expecting another addition to her home. Her little one is going to love their newly decorated nursery, especially the stenciled walls! This Otomi Folk Art Wall Stencil and handstitched quilt adds a playful dose of adventure and folk whimsy to this blue baby’s room.

After transforming these 3 spaces, Haleigh is ready to tackle her next step in her new home: making memories in beautifully patterned rooms!  She pictures her little one waking from a slumber in his nursery, her family gathered around the kitchen for meals, and her DIY ideas coming to life in her inspiring craft room. Now that makes a house a home!

Are you now inspired to use stencils for your own stenciled room makeover? We’d love to see how your DIY stencil projects turn out! Email us at, share them on our Facebook Page, or you can even Instagram your projects and tag us with #royaldesignstudio

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