A Gallery Show of Beautiful Stenciled Canvas Art!

Creating Canvas Art With Stencils


Art helps personalize a home while showcasing our love of colors and artistic styles. Creating your own wall art for the home or office is creatively satisfying and can also be preferable since you can determine the exact size, color and style of the artwork. Stencils are frequently used in art pieces to add pattern and interest and you too can create your own DIY Stenciled Canvas Art.  You can also have your kids help and make it a family art project! With the range of stencil styles available at Royal Design Studio, you'll be able to find the perfect pattern for your personal masterpiece. We want to show you a few pieces on different surfaces created with our stencils -- we hope they get your creative juices flowing!


beautiful stenciled canvas art using Royal Design Studio stencils

Molly Mansker wanted a unique art piece for her Ole and Inga shop. She was inspired when she saw the Patterned Parlor Chair tutorial which showed how to use allover patterns with motif stencils. She used the Parlor Chair Bari J Wall Stencil along with the Chevron Furniture Stencil, Fabric Damask Stencil and Chez Sheik Furniture Stencil.  For the paints, Molly based the patterns in Graphite and Old White Chalk Paint® and stenciled with the Royal Stencil Creme Paints in Renaissance Red, Pearl Oyster, Smoked Oyster and Patina Green. As for the wood?  Molly used a discarded wooden blanket chest top.  SO creative!


beautiful stenciled canvas art using Royal Design Studio stencils

Stencil dynamos Monica and Jess are the hosts of Knock it Off and also blog over at East Coast Creative. Here, they stenciled the Indian Paisley Damask Stencil over painted roofing material (yes, you read that right!) in order to create an art backdrop for a not-for-profit event. Beautiful, right? But don't take our word for it!  "We've said it time and time again that stencils make a huge impact for very little cost and Royal Design Studio stencils are the BEST!" Stencil Love right back at ya!


stenciled mirror and glass using Royal Design Studio pattern

Chalk Paint® decorative paint and Stencils - two great tastes that taste great together! Here, Debbie Hayes of the Unfolded Blog uses the Queen Crown Wall Art & Furniture Stencil along with Old White Chalk Paint® decorative paint to stencil on a framed mirror piece. So beautiful! Be sure to read more about her stenciled mirror project.  Oh -- and if you prefer, there's also a King Crown Wall Art & Furniture Stencil. Lots of variety at Royal Design Studio!


stenciled canvas used as wall art

Anna of A Newfound Treasure stenciled a more traditional canvas artwork in classic colors with our Moroccan Scallops Stencil!  We think it works perfectly in that setting!


Use Royal Design Studio stencils for beautiful canvas art

Decorative painter Rhonda Fuller used a Modern Allover Stencil (ModAll100) from our sister stencil company, Modello Designs, to create a rich, luxe framed canvas. She used varying colors of plaster and an aged gold to stencil in the pattern. The Acanthus Trellis Wall Stencil would be the perfect fit for this piece, too!


Use Royal Design Studio stencils for beautiful canvas art

Allison from Refunk My Junk created not one but four stenciled canvas artworks.  She wanted smaller canvas sizes and knew four would fill out her "awkward space" -- better yet, they only cost her $16! Using our 2" Allover Stencil Brush (Allison calls it "magical"), she stenciled the Endless Circles Lattice Moroccan Stencil with a bright color scheme for her bedroom. Be sure to read her affordable DIY canvas art tutorial!

Stenciling your own canvas art piece is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1) Pick It! Find the best-sized canvas for your space and pick your fave stencil patterns and color scheme;

2) Plan It! With the blank canvas, play around with the stencil placement so that you know where you would like your stenciled patterns to be placed.  It's also a great time to determine which will be your dominant and supporting colors;

3) Paint It! Have fun painting and stenciling your own masterpiece! If you don't like the direction, start again as it's only paint!

You can look online for creative inspiration -- we have many in our Stenciled Canvas Art Pinterest Board to help you. We hope you have an inspired and colorful day!

Here's a few more stenciled canvas art projects to inspire!


Katie from Royal Design Studio
Katie from Royal Design Studio

February 05, 2014

Hi Nuisin,
Sounds like you are a beginner to stenciling! The above projects are used with paint and a durable mylar plastic stencil. I suggest you check out our How To Stencil blog. It’s a great resource for learning about this fun and easy skill! http://www.royaldesignstudio.com/blogs/how-to-stencil/tagged/stencil-basics?page=5

Nuisin Jalilvand
Nuisin Jalilvand

February 05, 2014


I am writing to you re the morrocan scallop stencil, I am just wondering how it works?do I buy wallpaper, and cut out the tencil and paste it to another backing wall paper?

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