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Painted Wood Table Makeover with a Mandala Stencil Design

VIDEO Tutorial - Painted Wood Table Makeover with a Large Mandala Stencil Design and Chalk Paint

Refinishing wood furniture is a piece of cake! Well, if you have the right supplies and a video tutorial that even beginners can follow, then it’s definitely easy! Watch this video tutorial to learn how to refinish your wood table with a large mandala stencil design, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®, and wood stain. With this DIY know-how, you can refinish your old and worn furniture without buying costly store-bought pieces… What an ingenious (and affordable) idea!


Step 1: Start by sanding and distressing the table top with 120 grit sandpaper. Remove any sanding dust and repeat the sanding if necessary.

Step 2: Apply 1 coat of 1 part Stain and Seal and 1 part So Slow Paint Extender. Apply 2 coats of the mixture with a chip brush and remove any excess with cheesecloth. Allow to dry between each coat.

Step 3: Apply 2 coats of Old White Chalk Paint® to the base and legs of the table.

Step 4: Center and secure the mandala stencil design to one half of the table top with painter’s tape.

Step 5: Load a 1 ½” stencil brush with Old White Chalk Paint® and off-load the excess paint onto a paper towel. Off-loading helps you use minimal paint while stenciling so the paint doesn’t bleed under the stencil. Stencil the design.

VIDEO Tutorial - Painted Wood Table Makeover with a Large Mandala Stencil Design and Chalk Paint

Step 6: After stenciling the first half of the table, remove and reposition the mandala stencil to the second half the table using the built in registration marks. These cutouts help you align the stencil perfectly! Repeat the Step 5.

Step 7: Apply 1 coat of Soft Clear Wax to the entire table to seal and protect it. Use sandpaper to further distress the legs.

VIDEO Tutorial - Painted Wood Table Makeover with a Large Mandala Stencil Design and Chalk Paint

Enjoy your beautiful refinished wood table! Looking for more Stencil Techniques like this? Check out these other stencil ideas and tutorials:

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  • very beautiful good job

    anwaar ul hussan
  • Très bonne idée

    Benhaddou ahlem
  • Hi Vikki! The key to a crisp clean design and minimizing bleed under while stenciling is to use the offloading technique. You can see this technique in Step 5 of the tutorial and video. Offloading allows you to use minimal paint while stenciling. If you stencil with too much paint, the paint will seep under the stencil. Happy Stenciling! :)

    Royal Design Studio

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