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How to Stencil using Multiple Paint Colors

How to Stencil using Multiple Paint Colors - Video DIY Tutorial - Royal Design Studio

Stenciling is so popular because it is an easy way to add a wallpaper-like pattern to your walls with the custom color scheme that you love. It’s easy to work multiple paint colors into a stencil design when using stencil brushes. The amount of control that stencil brushes provide means that you can isolate different colors in different design elements by limiting the brush application to just certain elements at one time. Click play to watch this Stencil Basics video below and learn how to use multiple paint colors with one stencil design. These simple instructions will help you create the perfect colorful pattern!

  1. To begin your stencil project, you will need multiple small stencil brushes to coordinate with the sizes of the stencil elements. You will need one stencil brush for each paint color. You will also need a piece of paper. This paper will help you mask off the stencil elements that you wish to not paint with a specific color.
  2. Load the first stencil brush with the first paint color and offload the excess paint onto a paper towel. Paint all the desired stencil elements with the first color. When elements are too close together, use the sheet of paper to protect and mask off the elements that you don’t want to paint with that specific color.
  3. Repeat Step 2 to stencil as many colors as you want to incorporate in to that design.


Check out all of our Stencil Basics videos for need-to-know tips and tricks on how to stencil perfectly and create pretty pattern that you’ve always wanted!

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  • what colors were used in the tutorial?

    Tina Stevenson
  • For the walls as a base coat I assume using interior paint and sheen of choice? Flat would look best but not have the durability of a step up of sheen I’m assuming so perhaps do a clear over or just use a sheen?
    Also the other colors are not acrylic paints but also wall paints correct?

    Jessica Ackerman
  • Help! My concrete floor is outside so it’s not smooth at all. My paint keeps bleeding some thing awful! I even tried some tacky spray and it still bled. It’s been pretty frustrating using the different paints and then seeing that it’s just doesn’t look the picture above.

    Santa Stocking

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