Opposites Attract! Black and White Stenciling

 Black and White DIY Stencil Projects for classy and timeless home decor. 

Sure, black and white is classic, but pair it with our stencil patterns and it is far from stuffy! In fact depending on the pattern, this timeless element can be bold, sophisticated, clean, vintage or modern. Here are a few of our favorite high contrast stencil projects that are both expressive and beautiful.

Black and white wall stencil ideas | Royal Design Studio


Make a small room feel sophisticated with black and white walls as seen in the examples above. Add gold or silver accents to complete this classy space for an overall regal interior. Our Nova Trellis Stencil (left) and Moorish Trellis Wall Stencil (right) share a perfect balance between light and dark, don't you think?

 Black and White DIY Furniture Inspiration | Royal Design Studio

Black and white paint and patterns highlight the unique details commonly found in an older piece of furniture. Our Classic Damask Stencil (right) on this buffet table enhances its overall vintage mood. For just a little of this high contrast look, try stenciling a black and white pattern, like our Eastern Lattice Moroccan Stencil on just the cabinet doors above. The mostly white look creates a very clean look, without sacrificing any style.

Stencil Ideas for a Black and White Floor | Royal Design Studio


This is our best example of how the same color combination can create its own atmosphere when using different patterns. Mesmerize your entryway with our Modern Chevron Wall Stencil (right) on the floor or stencil an intricate floor cloth (left) to serve as a beautiful area rug. See how we achieved this gorgeous effect in just a few simple steps: Chalk Paint™ Stenciled Floor Cloth.
Whether you're planning a major makeover or just looking to spruce-up your space, consider black and white stencils throughout your home. Additional color is simply unnecessary.
Where would a black and white stencil project look best in your home?
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