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Bee-utiful Stenciled Bedroom Accent Wall with the French Bee Trellis!

Beautiful Stenciled Wall with the French Bee Trellis Stencil | Royal Design Studio 


Master bedrooms come in all shapes, sizes and styles, so how to design your own relaxing space? Jamie Lundstrom of So Much Better with Age faced that dilemma, including incorporating both her and husband's design tastes into the mix. Her solution? A Royal Design Studio Stencil that added a touch of drama and shimmer to the bedroom and resulted in an elegant design they both loved. Let's check in with Jamie as she shares her easy and fast stencil ideas to decorate a bedroom.

French Bee Trellis Wall Stencil | Royal Design Studio 

Jamie knew she wanted a wallpaper look, but the thought of installation and future removal didn't appeal to her. "Removing wallpaper again is a job I’d pass on any day of the week! So when I came across Royal Design Studio, I was amazed how much stencils can look like a wallpaper treatment." She finally chose the French Bee Trellis Stencil from the Allover Damask Stencil Collection. She explains, "The hardest part was choosing which stencil I wanted as there was so many good ones!" To complete her planned wallpaper treatment, she also chose the Antique Gold Stencil Creme and 1.5" Stencil Brush.


Stenciling Materials & Process | French Bee Trellis Stencil from Royal Design Studio 
Jamie found her first stenciling project easy and in fact, completed her stenciled feature wall in 2.5 hours. She felt the products made all the difference. "I highly suggest buying the stencil creme paint with the stencil.  If I had used a regular type of craft or latex paint, It would not have these gorgeous results! With the dry brushing technique, you need very little paint. A little pot will do!" Please be sure to see Jamie's bee-utiful stenciled wall project post for all her tips and design details!
Stenciled Feature Wall Inspiration | French Bee Trellis from Royal Design Studio 
Such lovely results!  We adore how the stenciled feature wall sets the tone for the whole room and pulls in all design details effortlessly. It really IS that fast and easy for a stencil to transform a space!  Many thanks to Jamie for sharing her project with us. Be sure to catch more projects and tips on our Facebook fan page and Pinterest boards
What bee-utiful project do you want to stencil next?
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