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Innovative Stenciling with Creative Finishes Studio

Innovative Furniture Stencil Ideas with Royal Design Studio StencilsThree different stencil projects in the same hues bring innovative design to ordinary fixtures.


We recently came across the inventive and fresh work of fellow Chalk Paint® stockist Jane Drew of the New Orleans-based Creative Finishes Studio, and thought to share her talent for combining colors and patterns. She frequently uses the fab pairing of Royal Design Studio Stencils and Chalk Paint® decorative paint to add just the right amount of pattern and visual appeal. We're so happy to share some of her furniture stencil projects that have a decidedly contemporary flair with a respectful nod to classic finishes.


Stenciled Floorcloth inspiration with Khanjali Ikat Stencil from Royal Design Studio


Stenciled floors are gorgeous, but if you had to create something a little more versatile, a stenciled floorcloth -- easy to make, easy to move -- is the perfect answer. Jane explains,"I had a piece of vinyl flooring laying about and I've loved the Khanjali Ikat Stencil since the first time I saw it. I used the Ikat Fabric Effect Tutorial as a guide as well as doing ikat fabric research online to get inspired color-wise." She used Old White Chalk Paint® as a base and English Yellow, Provence and French Linen to stencil in the pattern. She finished the project in one afternoon while listening to a Saints football game!


Furniture and floor stencil ideas with bright color


"I usually don't know where I'm headed with a piece and just wait for it to tell me what it wants. The chest of drawers has been floating around my house and studio for years and was in rough shape. We bought it from an unfinished furniture store for my baby's nursery and she'll be 22 at the end of the month," Jane shares. Upon the release of English Yellow Chalk Paint® this summer, she decided to redo the dresser and initially put the Chez Sheik Furniture Stencil on the entire drawer but then decided to break up the pattern a bit with a border in Old White Chalk Paint® and a little black Sharpie line to complement the Graphite Chalk Paint® knobs. The effect is spectacular and showcases Jane's outside-the-box thinking with her stencil projects!


Furniture transformation with the Hollywood Squares Stencil from Royal Design Studio


While many professionals and DIYers have a handle on color schemes that work for their projects, choosing color combinations can be a scary endeavor for others. But breaking out of one's comfort zone while painting and stenciling is so important! "I bought this piece on a whim and immediately had buyer's remorse because that style is different from my usual "curvy frenchy" look", Jane reveals. She then gathered inspiration photos for a "mid-century modern update" Pinterest board and decided to use Graphite Chalk Paint® as the base, Provence on the doors, Old White behind the shelf and metallic paint to stencil the modern Hollywood Squares Stencil pattern. We love the results!

We hope you've enjoyed the peek into Jane Drew's process as she shares her key elements in creating spectacular stencil projects: color research, planning and patience. Many  thanks to Jane for her time and inspiration.  Do be sure to visit her site, Creative Finishes Studio, for more of her lovely work.


How will you be more innovative in your next stenciling project?


Here are other Chalk Paint® and Stencil combinations to push you out of your comfort zone! 

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