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Royal Design Studio's Zebra Stripes Zig-zag Through House Beautiful Feature

House Beautiful Features Zebra Stripes Allover Stencil


We had already stopped to gawk at Danielle Armstrong’s adorable NYC apartment featured on House Beautiful’s blog when we spotted Royal Design Studio’s Zebra Stripes Allover Stencil! What a pleasant surprise to see our pattern painted on this very talented interior designer’s kitchen wall! 


Royal Design Studio Stencil Feature in House Beautiful Kitchen


Our fun yet classic animal print stencil is clearly the perfect match for Danielle of Tilton Fenwick who describes her interior style as colorful, traditional and whimsical during her interview with House Beautiful. She also reminds us that "decorating should be fun", which we are totally on board with!



House Beautiful showcases Zebra Stencil Pattern by Royal Design Studio


Speaking of fun, Danielle painted the Zebra Stripes Allover Stencil pattern in this playful shade of blue over a creamy neutral base, creating a sense of light and openness. These airy colors visually expand an otherwise smaller studio space.


All in all, Danielle's place is a sparkling little gem and we feel honored to play such a significant role in her home decor!


On a side note, we're expanding our animal print stencil collection!! Which wild patterns would you like to see in your home?


Here are some other fun-loving zebra striped stencil ideas to inspire you:

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    • Beautiful! I vote for the ostrich pattern… :)


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