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Warm Up to Stencils with a Cozy Fireplace

Stenciling Ideas for a Fabulous Fireplace Surround
Decorate your fireplace or mantle with stencils to make it fabulous!

With summer long gone, temps are dropping fast and it's almost time to get that fire going! But who wants to cuddle up next to a dull fireplace?  If your mantle is suffering from a lack of style, Royal Design Studio has some fabulous DIY stencil ideas that will update the heart of your home in no time.

 Stenciled Feature Wall Behind Fireplace Mantle


Because we naturally crave an inviting, glowing fireplace to keep us warm during the chillier months, this unique part of the room should stand out on its own. We love the idea of an allover pattern feature wall behind a mantle, like the Silk Road Suzani Stencil in this case, adding a little texture and movement to an otherwise solid painted wall pictured above. Below, we have our Flourish Allover Stencil that brings out a Tuscan countryside feel. 


Stencil a beautiful pattern behind your mantle for a fireplace makeover

Another great way to breathe new life into your fireplace is by creating a faux-tile effect with Royal Design Studio stencils, like the stenciling below, our Honeycomb Stencil is the perfect alternative to a geometric tile pattern - and so much more affordable! This customizable solution also gives you the freedom to choose any color and design your hearth desires!


Get this tile look with stencils from Royal Design Studio
medallion motif provides an amazing focal point above your mantle. Whether it's classic, ornate, or modern, a medallion accent will bring a sense of regal taste into your living room. It's always the details that matter, right?
Make your mantle a focal point with medallion stencil patterns
How would you incorporate stencils into your fireplace makeover? We'd love to hear which technique is your favorite!

This is part of a series of Sprucing your Home Décor for the Holidays. Below are the links to the other inspirations:

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