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NEW Designer Stencil Collection: Raven + Lily Stencil

Our newest Designer Stencil Collection is a creative collaboration between Royal Design Studio and Raven + Lily, a socially conscious lifestyle brand dedicated to empowering women through design. Each of their designer jewelry pieces, accessories and clothing items beautifully reflects an elegant global-chic style, but most importantly, creates sustainable employment opportunities for marginalized women in countries such as Africa, India, Cambodia, and the U.S. As a longtime fan of both their mission AND their gorgeous products, I am thrilled that we have the ability to introduce their designs to our market while also contributing to their Mission. Our contribution: 20% off all net sales from this stencil collection will  be donated to the Tirzah International initiatives in Africa. Tirzah partners with local groups to address poverty, education, trafficking, HIV/AIDS and violence against women and girls.

New Tribal African stencil for a Global Glam look on stenciled walls and furniture | Royal Design Studio

Tribal Stencil 

This initial stencil collection introduces Raven + Lily's unique blend of tribal and native design flavored with a decidedly modern vibe. We've sourced patterns from past product collections along with designs from the upcoming Spring 2014 releases, which effortlessly combine Romantic African motifs with a Mid-Century Modern design aesthetic.

The African Tribal Stencil is an edgy, geometric striped pattern that can be repeated simply as a dramatic border or stenciled as an allover pattern. It comes in a large size for stenciling walls and can be repeated horizontally or vertically, depending on the look you want! It's also available in  a smaller-scale version, Tribal Furniture Stencil, that can add just the right global-boho touch to a funky furniture piece, scarf, pillows, or even a large lampshade. We love it painted in a chic and classic black + cream color scheme or tone-on-tone neutral palette, but we can imagine it looking fabulous also in brighter colors, or even with multiple colors work in for added interest.


Afro-CHIC! Elsebet Tribal Trellis Stencil from the Raven + Lily Stencil collection for Royal Design Studio.

Elsebet Trellis Stencil

The Elsebet Trellis stencil is named for one of the artisan jewelry makers that Raven + Lily provides an employment opportunity for in Ethiopia. She is just one of the many women whose lives are positively impacted by Raven + Lily's mission, and your support of their products. We spied this design printed on one of their jewelry hang tags and thought it would be perfect for both a wall and furniture-sized stencil. The off-centered oval shapes offer the perfect space to randomly insert a surprising spot of color or even some metallic shimmer. Even with its graceful curves, this stencil is also ideal for use in more masculine or Mid Century Modern design environments.


African Plumes tribal-inspired stencil with an Art Deco vibe. From the Raven + Lily Stencil Collection for Royal Design Studio

African Plumes Stencil

One of our personal favorites (and already proving to be VERY popular stencil), the African Plumes stencil with it's delicate details naturally creates a dimensional ombre effect when treated with two colors. We feature it here stenciled with our Metallic Stencil Creme Paints for an elegant shimmery effect that goes on your walls with ease.  The African Plumes stencil has a strong Art Deco feeling to it, and can work well with so many design styles. Paint it in soft tones to highlight its feminine side. Go dark and get dramatic with colors to tap into its masculine appeal! This pattern is also available in sizes perfect for both stenciled walls and furniture/accessories, so it's sure to find a place in your heart-and home.


Tribal Modern wall stencil from the Raven + Lily Stencil Collection for Royal Design Studio



Arrow Stencil

We loved this abstract arrow pattern so much we designed two different wall stencils from the original Raven + Lily inspiration. The Arrow Outline Wall Stencil (shown on the far photo above) features delicate lines of varying size that creates a bit of an optical illusion. Then we simplified and deconstructed the shapes and spun them around to create the simple geometric pattern of the Arrow Print Wall Stencil. You can keep it uncomplicated and stencil it in just a single color, or play with multiple colors as we show above int eh front photo. We just love the soft pink, taupe, and graphite color combination. It's soft and feminine without being frilly!


Awesome feather wall stencil, In Flight, from the new Raven + Lily Stencil Collection for Royal Design Studio 

In Flight Feather Stencil

Finally, we feature the In Flight Feather Stencil. This soft feather pattern appears to float effortlessly across the wall. An interesting combination of both solid and outlined feathers adds additional grace and interest, and provides the perfect opportunity to incorporate two different paint colors if you wish. We also love it embossed with plaster and highlighted with our Metallic Gold Royal Stencil Creme Paints.


So, are you too loving the fresh feel of these new patterns? They are uncomplicated, yet organic; structured, yet liberating. We'd love to hear where and how you imagine using this lovely stencil collection. Look for us to be sharing the stencil techniques that WE used to create these looks in the coming weeks in the How To Stencil area of our website!


Find out more about Raven + Lily and this exclusive design partnership
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